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Phenomenon 2008

Special events

Dialectically unclassifiable but still part of Chairman Morph's Five Year Plan.

2008 Worldwide D&D Gameday

Phenomenon presents the 2008 Worldwide D&D Gameday, Saturday, June 7

The 2008 Worldwide D&D Gameday is being held all over the world on June 7: the first official adventures published for D&D 4th Edition (which goes on sale on June 6).

This two hour introductory adventure is your first ever chance to try D&D 4th Edition in its final form. We can't tell you exactly what's in it yet — we don't know either. But we can tell you that Phenomenon is proud to have been chosen as one of the worldwide sites for this exciting premiere!

The Gameday will only be offered on Saturday, and it is NOT an RPGA game (so you don't have to fill in any forms — just come and play). It will run in the general schedule.

NB: spaces in this event will be limited, so book early and often.


Mission: improv-able — Fit the Fourth (and a bit)

Brought to you by Mike(y) and Liz

There will be improvised theatre throughout the convention, drawn from a number of different sources (Whose Line is it Anyway?, Theatre Sports™ and more) — all culminating in a competition on the last day. All comers welcome!

You are a lounge singer, realising too late that you're still wearing your corduroy wetsuit; 60 seconds ago you were advertising a car running on weasel feet... Who knows what the next 60 seconds will bring? Comedy! Action! Drama! Faux Pas! You'll see it all!

Workshops, demonstrations and non-competitive games will be held at select times during the convention — look out for these at the Mission: Improv-able stall during the convention.

Last Session (#11, Monday afternoon): The Mission: Improv-able Competition.

The competition session is for teams of four; in all the other events people will be mingled.

For more details check the Mission: Improv-able site on OzGamer.Net.

Pheno ratings
Characterisation 4 Genre (What genre is muesli, anyway?) Rules knowledge 0 (All will be explained!)
Story/plot (Is that a plot in your pocket...?) Seriousness (We can't stop here - this is improv country!) Video rental scale (Polar bears, pleather trousers AND cumquats - we'll, it could be worse...)