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Phenomenon 2008


In 2008, Pheno will offer the usual generous handful of RPGA Living D20 and D&D games in various campaign settings.

Organiser — Wes Nicholson, email

The games

More RPGA game details will be posted when we have them, closer to the date of Pheno.

Living Greyhawk

Living Forgotten Realms — 4th Edition D&D

Check out the 2008 Worldwide Gameday D&D 4th Edition introductory game!

Pick-up games

RPGA will present a selection of pick-up Living Greyhawk games at Pheno. If you have a spare session and can round up a team, we'll do our best to match you with a DM.If there are any particular Living Greyhawk modules you'd like to play as a pick-up, email Commissar Wes at with the details no later than 18 May.

Living Greyhawk

RTK8-02 Confrontation in the Timberway

by Greg Jones and Frank Mikes

Who is responsible for what is happening in the Timberway? These strange events seem to be coming from House Keth land, can Lady Keth be ignorant of it all? Perhaps someone should find out. Intrigue, politics and a final confrontation for characters of APLs 6-12.

Runs in sessions D and E only.

RTK8-03 Circles

by Bruce Legge

Round and round, spinning in the dark. Many little lights but none of them a spark that can light the way forward or back from whence she came. Who sets the rules and who calls this a game?

An investigative one-round regional adventure primarily concerning Clan Ukaloa and Houses Abonhoth and Keth, for characters of level 1-9 (APLs 2-6).

Runs in sessions E and F only.

RTK8-04 A Deeper Darkness

by Geoff Kimber

The humanoids of the Bone March have taken advantage of the dispersal of the Ratikan armed forces into the Rakers to combat the menace of the Pyremius-worshipping orcs. A large force of goblinoids and gnolls from Spinecastle has been reported moving through the Kalmar Pass towards Ratik. All that stands before them are the remnants of the Ratikhill garrison and the redoubtable dwarves of Aurichold. Can you and the dwarves delay the armies of the Bone March long enough for the forces of Ratikhill to regroup to defend the Pass? The dwarves of Aurichold don't seem to be too co-operative.

A one-round Ratik regional adventure set in (and under) the Rakers Mountains, for character levels 4-16 (APLs 6-14).

Runs in sessions D and F only.

NMR8-02 Heresy's Blood

by David Monk Fraser Adams

Run from shadows in darkest night,
Run from danger in your sight,
Run from peril to the light,
But when you cannot run... then fight.

What is bound will soon be free. Choose wisely... the end is coming.

A Nyrond and Her Environs adventure for characters 4-16 (APL 6-14). Part one of the Bound in Shadow trilogy.

Runs in sessions A and C only.

RTK8-I02 Interactive - The Hunting Party

An invitation to a hunt on crown lands is a rare thing and while you have your elegant invitation, apparently even few of the noble houses can say the same. Everyone is talking about the event and what its strange guest list might mean. A two round special interactive for APLs 2-12* set near and in Marner with the potential to answer some of the whispered questions often heard in the archbaron's castle.

Part three of the Fractured Crown series.

* APL 14 on request to by 1 May 2008

Runs in session G (that is, Monday from 9am 'til it's done!).

Living Forgotten Realms — 4th Edition D&D

PREV-1 Scalegloom Hall

by Michael Mearls

The vicious kobolds are at it again, raiding caravans, plundering outlying farms, and raising havoc across the land. All signs point to the influence of a charismatic leader, a malevolent fiend that has stepped up the kobolds' aggression and turned them into a menace. Your task is simple: enter the trap-filled tunnels of Scalegloom Hall, find their leader, and defeat him.

A D&D 4th Edition and Living Forgotten Realms preview adventure. 1st-level characters are provided.

Runs in sessions B and C only.

PREV-2 Escape from Sembia

Chris Tulach

You weren’t looking for trouble in civilized lands... just some good adventuring leads. Before you knew what was really happening, you wound up in the middle of an information exchange, and now you have to escape from the lands of Sembia to preserve your very lives! Off the beaten path to shake any pursuers, you take to the wilds in the hope that you’ll reach a safe haven before you’re captured.

A D&D 4th Edition and Living Forgotten Realms preview adventure. 1st-level characters are provided.

Runs in sessions B and C only.