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Clan of Cave Morph fear iron demons who shoot lightning from sticks!


Warhammer 40K

organised by Paul Naveau

Warhammer 40K


Phenomenon continues with its fifth year of Warhammer 40K with a tournament of 6 games over 2 days for players aged 16+ years.

Armies will be 1750 points taken from legal GW Codexes as at 30 April 2010, including GW online codexes and lists as agreed with the Tournament Organiser beforehand.

Tournament format, rules and scoring will follow a similar format to previous years.

For more details and enquiries contact Paul Naveau (ah) on 0414 926032 or via email at .

Warhammer 40K is proudly sponsored by Black Cultist. Black Cultist

• Download the players pack (Word Doc, 217K)

• Download the 40K army-list-o-matic (Excel, 61K)

> Warhammer 40K schedule

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Warhammer Fantasy

organised by Russell Harman

Phenomenon begins its second year of Warhammer Fantasy with a tournament of 7 games over 2 days for players to play games and have fun.

All games will be played at 1500 point army sizes (with some exceptions) using a system similar to the ETC. There will be no composition scores, full details will be found in the players pack.

For more details and enquiries contact Russell Harman on 0402 366417 or email at

• Download the players pack (Word Doc, 78K)

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Flames of War

Flames of War

organised by Paul Brelsford

This year sees Paul Brelsford as your tournament organiser. All players must register for the tournament by visiting the Phenomenon website.

Rules: Battlefront’s Flames of War 2nd Edition

Points: 1750

Armies: Late War (Any valid list from Battle Front publications or official 2nd edition list from Battlefront that has been updated for Fortress Europe released in Australia before May 12th 2010, not Fortress Europa), multiple companies and Goliaths are not allowed. Warriors are permitted.

Games: 5 x 2 hour 30 minute rounds with 3 on Day 1 and 2 on Day 2.

Maximum players: 24

The point of contact is Paul Brelsford (via e-mail)

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War Machine

organised by Ian Bennett


Warmachine is Privateer Press's fast-paced and aggressive 30mm tabletop miniatures battle game set in the steam-powered fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms. 

Warmachine/Hordes is back at Phenomenon in 2010. Two single day tournaments will run on 12 and 13 June.

Day 1 is 35 points running the SR 2010.2 rules.

Day 2 is 50 points SR 2010.2 rules with a twist. This day will be the first major event featuring Treacherous Terrain. TT uses terrain that can kill or maim your models depending on a die roll. You will encounter icy lakes, runaway trains, exploding necrotite rigs, barrels of unstable Menoths' Fury, falling ruins or croc-infested swamps.

Prizes will be handed out for each day and trophies for overall performance.

Email for further info: