Phenomenon Labs has the pleasure to offer...
A roleplaying convention

Phenomenon 12

Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday Weekend
The 10th to 13th of June A.D. 2005
Daramalan College, Dickson, Canberra
The Dominion of Australia

On offer:

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9 June: Rego starts at 6pm at Daramalan (designers should be there by 5.30). See you there!

4 June: Cutoff for online entry is 8pm, Tuesday 7 June.

28 May: Living Greyhawk: IUZ5-03 replaced by IUZ5-02!

24 May: Living Greyhawk: IUZ5-04 replaced by IUZ5-03!

12 May: Downloadable & printable entry form available!

8 May: Living Greyhawk details updated!

5 May: Online entry form available!

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