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Banquet & food

Pheno will run an instant coffee and tea service, but not a canteen. The reason for this is that Daramalan is within short staggering distance (less than 5 minutes) of Dickson shops, including a Woolies, Maccas, KFC, Ali Baba's, Cragel's Bagels, several takeaways, and more Chinese and SE Asian restaurants than you can shake a stick at (my arm got tired after five). Dickson shops also includes autotellers, a chemist, a news agent, and service stations.

The banquet this year is at the Food Court Family Restaurant, 28 Woolley Street Dickson. This will be an all you can eat (which may be different to 'all you should eat') buffet-style extravaganza with a mixture of Asian and Australian cuisine available. If you buy a soft drink, you'll get unlimited refills. The Food Court is also licenced for non-soft drinks, but you don't get free refills on these.

Post-con drinkies will be held at O’Neill’s Irish Pub. They have Guinness and other stuff. You can get snacks from $5 and dinner from $10 — they have a variety of yummy stuff on their menu and their kitchen will be open until 9pm.