Phenomenon Labs has the pleasure to offer...
A roleplaying convention

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The Games

Pheno 2005 is proud to offer the following games and events. These are divided into several categories:


There will be nine (9) sessions for scheduled games across the weekend, as well as a banquet, special events, and all the fun of post-Con drinkies:

  Friday 10th Saturday 11th Sunday 12th Monday 13th
9-12 am
  1 5 8
1-4 pm
2 6 9
4.30 - 7.30 pm
from 6pm
3 7 Prizegiving
8.30 - 11.30 pm
Special events 4 Banquet Post-Con drinkies

NB: The Living D20 games have a slightly different schedule.

New Designers

Each year Pheno is proud to encourage games writers who are new to writing for Cons to have a go.

At the end of each game the players will be asked to vote for the new writer whose game was the best, and that writer will go on in the next year to write one of Pheno's prestige games: the Triptych!

New designers are marked with this symbol: new designer symbol

Game ratings

Pheno uses a rating system for games to help you choose games, and to help you anticipate what the GM is looking for in a game.

Games are rated from 1 (little or none) to 5 (really important) on the following: 

The Triptych

Each year, Pheno invites three respected designers to present a systemless single session game as part of a triptych. Each game showcases what we consider the best of Pheno roleplaying: characterisation, drama, entertainment, innovation. Each game will be judged separately, but teams competing in all three games will also be eligible for the Triptych Perpetual Trophy.


Living D20

A smorgasbord of Living D20 games brought to you by The RPGA Asia Pacific Branch. D20 and Dungeons & Dragons v3.5.

Organiser – Wes Nicholson email admin <at>

Legacy of the Green Regent
Living Force
Living Greyhawk
Mark of Heroes

NB Living D20 games run on a slightly different schedule to other games.



Freeforms are big games for up to 50 (or rarely, and insanely, more...) players, whose characters are collected in some kind of social gathering in which they interact, intrigue and politic with each other.


Team games

AKA tabletops, these are games for groups/teams of about 5 players with generally one GM.


Special events

These are special events that are not strictly roleplaying games, but are lots of fun nonetheless.