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Freeforms, also known as Live Action Roleplays (or LARPs), are the ‘other white meat’ of roleplaying.

The freeforms

Eden’s Daughters

By Ingrid Bean

The jewel of Sharnevor stands under siege, four wolves ripping at her flanks. And though she barely holds against the wolves, their howls summon even more perilous foes whom she cannot endure. Only the four daughters of Eden can quiet the wolves and ensure her future.

Of the five Kingdoms of Sharnevor, Eden has always been the jewel. But being the fairest has its price. The other kingdoms, jealous of her wealth, form an alliance take Eden. Morlin, Mage-King of Eden, has no male heir. Desperate to protect his people, he offers his four daughters in marriage to the other Mage-Kings. On his death, Eden will be divided between the husbands of his daughters, but at least his people will be safe.

But wolves aren’t easily calmed, and Morlin’s daughters have ideas of their own. Besides, wolves aren’t the only predators to worry about…

A systemless freeform full of revenge, romance and intrigue for 20+ players.

Pheno ratings
Characterisation 5 Genre 4 Rules knowledge 0
Story/plot 4 Seriousness 4 Adult content MA (sexual references, adult themes, violence and magic)


Of Cards & Convenience

By Renee & Fi

July 25 1817 - London Gazette

The Regency Period was a time of elegant decadance, wealth was displayed in extravagent modes of dress and matched with exquisite manners and propriety. The richer you were, the more freedom you had.

Prince George IV has invited one score and three elegant personages to join him in an evening of refined society to celebrate the Beauty of Season.

A single session Regency freeform for 23 players.

Costuming (such as this) is strongly encouraged.

Characters can be pre-booked: email hobbes <at>

Pheno ratings
Characterisation 5 Genre 3 Rules knowledge 0
Story/plot Up to you Seriousness 3 Adult content MA


The Unicorn's Lance

by Fi McConachie

The weather is horrid. Wind whistles through the streets bringing the rain that lashes the buildings, beating an uneven rhythm against the glass windows of Frieberg's houses.

A cloaked figure hurries alone along the wet and slippery road. His dim lantern glows in the dark night, the small flame scant comfort against the deep, wild darkness of the night.

A light breaks forth from an open door. The sounds of laughter and of drinking can be heard. The figure pauses, looking up at the swinging sign. It is the sign of the The Unicorn's Lance.

Another gust of wind rips up the street and the rain beats harder against the the buildings. The figure takes one more look around the deserted streets and then boldly steps into the lit doorway....

A 7th Sea based freeform for 15 brave characters for whom heroism is a way of life.

Pheno ratings
Characterisation Watch Errol Flynn Genre Watch Errol Flynn Rules knowledge Watch Errol Flynn
Story/plot Watch Errol Flynn Seriousness Watch Errol Flynn Adult content Watch Errol Flynn


Jerry Does Canberra!

Jerry Springer with mikeby Andrew McClennan

Jerry Springer, the King of Confrontation, comes to Canberra carrying a cartload of crazy kooks committed to causing carnage, chucking chairs and confounding the congregated crowd!

A single session freeform for 20+ trailer-trash freaks airing their problems on national television.

Written and Directed by Andrew MacLennan

May contain material previously aired at Arcanacon and/or Conquest. Definitely contains traces of nuts.

Pheno ratings
Characterisation Lower than the lowest common denominator Genre It's Jerry, stupid! Rules knowledge Be Good To Each Other
Sanity Loss: Probable Seriousness -5 out of 5 Adult content M (Adult concepts, use of the word ho')


Beaker: Sky Marshalls — the Free Form!

by Robbie & Stephanie Matthews

Yes, the Sky Marshalls™ are back. More than ever. In fact, FIVE TIMES more than ever!

Beaker, resident NOT mad scientist of the Sky Marshalls, has been experimenting with parallel universes and has made contact with his alternate self. Well, Beaker and Beaker thought this was such a swell idea that they in turn made contact with Beaker, Beaker, Beaker and even Beaker.

However, sooner or later, (as anyone could TELL would happen) they found their evil twin... err ... quin? Time Mangler Beaker™, who is intent on destroying the multiverse.

Now all the various parallel versions of the Sky Marshalls™ must work together to save the world(s)... again!

Starring Beaker x 5, Mittens, Princess, and all the other sky marshalls.

A Freeform for 20-30 people, brought to you by the Blue Room Gamers.

Anyone who played in the last Sky Marshalls module ("Mayhem Over Manhattan", Pheno 2003) will be given the opportunity to reprise their role... but there's plenty of room for crime fighters, mad scientists and reporters to join in the fray...

Pheno ratings
Characterisation 4 Genre 3 Rules knowledge 1 (WHAT rules?)
Story/plot 2 Seriousness 1 Adult content Errr... PROBABLY low...


An Arthurian Idyll

by James (Fish) Walker and Eric Henry

ďThen they took their horses and Sir Galleron rode with them. And when they came to the Suffragan Sir Tristram told him their desire. Then the Suffragan let fill a great vessel with water, and when he had hallowed it he then confessed clean Sir Palomides, and Sir Tristram and Sir Galleron were his godfathers. And then soon after they departed, riding toward Camelot, where King Arthur and Queen Guenever was, and for the most part all the knights of the Round Table. And so the king and all the court were glad that Sir Palomides was christened."

(Sir Thomas Malory, Le Morte díArthur, Book XII, Chapter 14)

This is Britainís golden age: the high point of Arthurís reign. In less than a year the Grail Quest will begin the splintering which will eventually drive Arthurís court asunder. Even now, dangerous undercurrents are beginning to circulate. But, for now, the best and brightest of the court of Camelot to celebrate the baptism of Sir Palomides.

A freeform for thirty players.

Pheno ratings
Characterisation 4 Genre 3 Rules knowledge n/a
Story/plot 3 Seriousness 3 Adult content PG


Camarilla — Vampire: the Requiem

Lead Storyteller: Peter Wass

Canberra, a teeming city of over 2 million people, towers above the surrounding tablelands. For the rich and powerful it is a wonderland of rooftop gardens, glorious views and luxury. Towers of stone rise 30 or more floors above the streets, plunging those below into constant shadow. At night the streets become the playground of criminals, gangs and the homeless, the thousands of homeless.

How can such a city survive in the modern world? Because those who really rule will it so. Vampires, creatures of darkness, ruling from on high, stalking the streets, guiding the humans they feed on. The struggle amongst the immortals has produced this monolith of power. It still continues, the eternal keeping themselves entertained with conflict and games of power.

This is the court of the Prince of Canberra. His hand has covered the city and now his eye turns outward. Vampires from outlying towns and other cities within Australia have been 'invited' to his court. The game of power takes a new turn, and few can resist its call...

Characterisation: 5 Story: 4 Genre: 4 Seriousness: 4 Rules Knowledge: 1 Adult Content: R

A document detailing the city and its history can be downloaded at:

Registrations close one week before the convention. Question can be directed to the Storyteller: phw <at>

This game is part of the Camarilla Australia ongoing live action chronicle, set in White Wolf's new 'World of Darkness' and Vampire: The Requiem.

Pheno ratings
Characterisation 5 Genre 4 Rules knowledge 1
Story/plot 4 Seriousness 4 Adult content R