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Register yourself, sign up for games and pay via the Pheno Regotron 1000!

Online preregistration and scheduling have closed, but you can still come to Friday Rego (after 6pm) or pop in if you have a free session during the weekend! (Check out the Schedule)

Handy rego tips

  • Please pre-register! The best way to register for games at Pheno is through pre-registration. If you're new to Pheno or would like more details on how we schedule games, check out Registration and Scheduling on our Terms & conditions page.
  • That being said, you can always register in person at the Con, but you may miss out on games if they have already filled from pre-registrations (this does happen with Freeforms/LARPS since they tend to run only once or twice).
  • Under 16s are welcome... with some caveats. If you or the person you are registering is under 16 years of age, we would appreciate it if you could review our Participation of persons under 16 years of age policy.
  • New system issues. As a new system, the Pheno Event Manager (AKA Regotron 1000) may have some growing pains. We ask for your patience in its use. If you encounter problems you are unable to resolve, please email pheno DOT it DOT subcommittee AT gmail DOT com.
  • Team registration. ...One of these growing pains is unfortunately, team sign-up is still in development. Please include the name of your team when you sign up, and our scheduling pixies will ensure you get into games together.
  • Please volunteer to help! The Phenomenon convention is dependent on the continuous work of our volunteers. If you can spare some time to help, we would be delighted to have you. To volunteer at Pheno 2023, please complete this Google form .
  • Online payment is working! We can accept online payments for sessions and the mysteriously stylish Phenomenon 2023 merch.
  • Anything else not covered here? Check out our Terms & conditions.