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Crew & writers

The Phenomenon Crew

Pheno's Journey will be brought to you through the tireless contributions of the organisers and writers!

Buy them lots of drinks at post-con drinkies.

The Phenomenon Committee (The Orgs)

Your Pheno Orgs for 2020:

Emma Sharman (President)
David James (Secretary, Venue Manager)
Daniel Ryan (Treasurer)
Elissa Feit
Jim Woodman (Writer Wrangler)
John Machin
Julie Chapman
Matt Bailey
Shane Donohoe
Stephen Justice
Wes Nicholson

Website by Andrew Smith, Elissa Feit and Shane Donohoe.

Phenomenon's Red Sash Volunteers

If you are interested in becoming a Red Sash Volunteer at Phenomenon 2020 please contact us at info@pheno.org.au, or contact an org.

Game Writers

Watch this space!



For the times when the writer's ambition exceeds their capacity for time travel and teleportation. When a freeform is just too big or there are more players than sessions. When that happens, GMs call in the cavalry.

Pheno thanks these heroic individuals!