Phenomenon 2024 Phenomenon 2024

Crew & writers

Phenomenon Labs Inc. 2024 (The Orgs)

Pheno Committee

President: Jim Riley (he/him)
Vice President: Stephen Justice (he/him)
Secretary: Lara Mucha (she/they)
Treasurer: Dan Ryan (he/him)
General committee member: John Machin (he/him)
General committee member: Andrew Downing (he/they)

Community liaison

Writer coordinators: Joe McNamara (he/him), Jimbles (he/him)
Venue coordinator: David James

Technical team

IT Manager: Stephen Justice
Event Manager application: Andrew Downing, Tim Smith
Infrastructure: Daniel Ryan
Scheduling: Jim Riley, David James, Dan Ryan
Website: Andrew Smith

"Morph on the half-shell" art by Wren Weatherwax

Phenomenon's Red Sash Volunteers  

Pheno's Red Sash Volunteers are the little pearlers that keep Pheno running. They do all sorts of things on site: helping people find games and rooms, staffing the canteen, finding new homes for lost drink cans.

If you are interested in helping us out as a Red Sash Volunteer at Phenomenon 2024 (even for just one session!) please contact us.


Game Writers

We're happy to have made the acquaintance of these pearlescent writers.

New designers are highlighted: 

Sean Allsop

Game: Star Trek: Fading Dreams

Ingrid Bean

I wrote my first con game, Keeping the Faith, back in 2001, and won the New Designer Award at Pheno that year. I spent the next decade running and writing con games in Canberra and Melbourne, most often collaborating with Shane Donohoe, and including at least two Triptychs. The games I write always rely on deep characterisation, and I generally consider the game a success if one or more players cry (in a good way), or they make me cry! After a break of about 12 years (due to having babies and stuff), I am back writing solo, with a game about motherhood and displacement.

Game: Seeking Refuge: A Dangerous Journey

Jason Cebalo

Games: The Annual May Day Party, Of Death Rays and Destiny

Hugh Fisher

Game: Excitement is Off the Menu

Kristine Hertel

Game: Raccoons in a Warehouse

Elliot Hickey


David James

Game: The Great Conjunction!

Random Jones

Game: Remembrance Day

Random Jones, Adrian Overbury, Bek Grayden & Aaron Holding

Game: The Time of My Life

Stephen Justice

Game: Mx Universe 2999

Xole Karman

Game: Katabasis 2020

Barb Kearins

Games: Of Glorious Adventure and Solving Mysteries

Willow Lucas-Smith

Game: Lost in Space

Fi McConachie

Game: The Mine

Joe McNamara

Joe's ghost may be heard as you pass by the Dickson Tradies carpark. His previous freeforms include AUTO DA FE, TRAGEDIA RUSTICANA and SUNSET.

Game: Ravenloft: Before the Avalanche

Jake Nelson

Game: Battles of the Band

Jo Rocke

Game: August Time Machine

Daniel Ryan

Game: The Immortal is Dead

Paul 'Polly' Stephenson

Game: The Sublimation of the Self

Mathew Sforcina

Game: Biohazard Hard

Kell Shaw

Game: The Summer Republic

Ben Taylor

Game: Carnival of the Midnight Sun

Shannon Thomson

Game: Goblin's Guide to Dealing with Adventurers

James Woodman

Game: The Bonds of Ascension