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Food & services


Food, Glorious Food!


Pheno runs a canteen on-site that stocks cold drinks (water, sports drinks, soft drinks, energy drinks) sealed snacks (chips, nuts, parrot sandwiches) and sweets (chocolate, snakes etc).

The canteen will also have a steaming urn of hot water for your hot beverage needs, and probably teabags, coffee and maybe hot chocolate sachets, suger packets, milk portions and so on. But feel free to bring your own!


If epic munchiness ensues, Dickson shops are only 10 minutes walk or 5 minutes drive (plus finding a park for your galleon) from Pheno. Dickson shops include a Woolies, Maccas, KFC, Ali Baba's, several takeaways, a couple of cafes (with internet access) and more Chinese and Asian restaurants than you can shake a stick at (my arm got tired after five). Dickson shops also includes autotellers, a chemist, a news agent, and service stations.

The Banquet

In normal years Pheno has run a banquet on Sunday night. Unfortunately, 2022 is not a normal year, so you will have to make your own dinner arrangements for Sunday night.

Post con drinkies

Post-con drinkies is a Pheno tradition, a relaxing time to gather and trade tall tales and contact details with new shipmates—and to be inspired for next year! It happens at nearby pub.

Watch this space for details of post-con drinkies!

Other amenities

Parenting room

Pheno offers a space for you to care for your children, with change table etc. This will not be staffed—you will need to supervise your own children here.

Quiet space

Quiet spaces are available if you need some time out: please ask an organiser (the red sash folks).

But sorry, no wifi...

Sadly, Pheno does not provide WiFi. As a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers in our spare time we just can't afford to.