Phenomenon 2023 Phenomenon 2023



29 Sep – 02 Oct 2023
Daramalan College, ACT

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Pheno News

04 Oct 23 | Mystery ...solved*! 

So that's a wrap for Pheno 2023 – we hope to see you back in 2024!

2024 will mark 30 Years Of Pheno!

You can level up for this by grinding your Lore: Pheno skill on the Pheno archive page!


* The solution to the Pheno 2023 Mystery was found to be one (or more) of:

  • It was Ms Peacock in the Tomb Of Horrors with the lead D20
  • 42
  • It was just old Mr Henderson under a sheet all the time!
  • I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens!
  • The true mystery was in the friends we made along the way.

22 Sep 23 | Pheno registration has closed!  

Online preregistration and scheduling have closed, but you can still come to Friday Rego (after 6pm) or pop in if you have a free session during the weekend! (Check out the Schedule)

July 23 | Welcome to Pheno 2023!

A mysterious summons... an eldritch tome... a long-awaited reunion.
It's Phenomenon 2023 – Mystery!

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Apr 23 | Study shows Pheno attendees are mysteriously cool

In a result that surprises no-one...