Phenomenon 2024 Phenomenon 2024

Phenomenon 2024


04 – 07 October 2024
Daramalan College, ACT

Pheno News

12 July 24 | Pheno: thirty is the new thirty!

Pheno 2024 marks the 30th year of Phenomenon. A pearl anniversary to celebrate 30 years of our wonderful community and excellent games, and to console Morph over their mascot-pattern receding hair-line.

You can wander through the nostalgia (and slightly erratic website coding) in our Archives.

12 July 24 | Wild release of Pheno site

Having grown to maturity in a curated aquarium, the now adult Pheno site is re-introduced to the wild. It's an Attenborough moment.

03 July 24 | Games appear on Pheno site

With the slow pulse of the tides new life blooms on the Pheno shoreline. A shoal of blurbs grow sleek and tasty: every one a pearler!

01 Apr 24 | Study shows Pheno attendees are pearls among mortals

In a result that surprises no-one...