Random Inc presents a Phenomenon Labs games convention

Terms and conditions

Phenomenon 2009 has rules. Stick by the rules and we'll keep you nice and safe, see?

If you are planning on attending the convention and especially if you are intending on GMing or desiging a game, read through these and if you have any questions (especially if the question starts with "I know it says you're not supposed to but can I ...") then please contact Pheno.

The Fine Print


Convention registration will be held on Friday 5 June from 6pm at Daramalan College. There will be some signs up. If you submitted your entry prior to the convention you should attend registration to get your schedule and check in to your games. If you are entering on the night you should attend registration to try to enter the events you want to play.

It is much easier on the organisers and designers when players enter the convention early, so please try to get your entries in as soon as possible.


Everyone attending Phenomenon 2009 must fill out an entry form. You can enter as an individual or as part of a team. Where possible, team entries should be submitted together.

Note the early bird discount of 10% for entries ends on Friday 15th May 2009.


There are eleven (11) sessions available at the convention. To help us schedule you, please mark on the entry-form any times you are unavailable to play.

Pheno's mob accountants and crooked bookmakers will schedule your games before the Con, and before you can blink, generally. Entries received before the late date are guaranteed to be scheduled; entries received after the late date will be scheduled if at all possible; entries at the Con will be scheduled by negotiation with the game writers.

The schedules for general roleplaying and WH40K can be found on the Schedule page.



The Unwritten Rule

As a policy Phenomenon does not discriminate against any group, creed, ethos, sexuality, gender, shoe-size or species. We ask that you do as you would be done by at Pheno.