Random Inc presents a Phenomenon Labs games convention

Banquet and food

Don Morpho's Speakeasy

This will offer cold drinks (water, sports drinks, coke, soft drinks, V, red bull — imported special from the Canadian border!) sealed snacks (chips, nuts, knuckle sandwiches) and sweets (chocolate, snakes, your sister) as well as the usual assortment of hot drinks (bathtub coffee, bathtub tea, bathtub instant coffee, bathtub hot chocolate) — all this with the convenience of being on the con site!

Doin' a drive-by

If you're up for running the gauntlet of those lousy Fed palookas, Dickson shops are only 5-10 minutes walk or 2 minutes drive (plus finding a park for your roadster) from Pheno. Dickson shops include a Woolies, Maccas, KFC, Ali Baba's, several takeaways, a couple of cafes (with internet access) and more Chinese and SE Asian restaurants than you can shake a stick at (my arm got tired after five). Dickson shops also includes autotellers, a chemist, a news agent, and service stations.

Don Morpho's Family Banquet

The banquet this year is an all-you-can-eat spit roast held on-site at Daramalan College at 7.30pm on Sunday night (and continuing into session 9). Apart from sizzling hot pieces of dead animal of several acceptable varieties, there will be a selection of green garden salad (with a choice of dressings), cauliflower, coleslaw, savoury rice, hot roast potatoes and roast pumpkin.

Vegetarians need not fear goin' hungry! Cheese and spinach pastries have been collected for you from all the greengrocers in town (if they know what's good for them). Please contact us before 15th May if you have different dietary requirements.

This gustatory extravaganza will be alcohol free (since it's on school property) and thus suitable for the entire family. Cost is only $17 per ticket.

Don Morpho's Anniversary Party

Post-con drinkies will be held at O’Neill’s Irish Pub. They have Guinness and other stuff. You can get snacks from $5 and dinner from $10 — they have a variety of yummy stuff on their menu and their kitchen will be open until 9pm.