Random Inc presents a Phenomenon Labs games convention


In 2009, Pheno will offer a Living Forgotten Realms (LFR) D&D 4e adventure. LFR is a bring your own character campaign.

Organiser — Wes Nicholson, email

Baldur's Gate1-1 Flames of Initiation

by Otávio A. Gonçalves

This adventure will have a Phenomenal twist to it, unlike what you may have played elsewhere!

You have come to the city of Baldur's Gate in search of adventure and quickly discover the Flaming Fist, one of the largest and most powerful mercenary companies in all Faerûn. To survive in this teeming metropolis, you must prove both your physical and political prowess, and the challenges you will face might turn out to be far more complicated than you imagined.

A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Baldur's Gate for characters levels 1-4. Make your own character, or use one of ours. For more details contact Wes Nicholson, email