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Crew & writers


The Phenomenon Committee 2021 (The Orgs)

Emma Sharman (President)
Matt Bailey (Vice President)
David James (Secretary, Venue Manager)
Daniel Ryan (Treasurer)
Elissa Feit
Jim Woodman (Writer Wrangler)
John Machin
Julie Chapman
Shane Donohoe
Stephen Justice
Wes Nicholson

Website by Andrew Smith, Elissa Feit and Shane Donohoe.

Phenomenon's Red Sash Volunteers

We'd love to have you if you are interested in becoming a Red Sash Volunteer at Phenomenon.

Game Writers

It's been quite a journey with these fine writers.

Patrick Austen

Game: The Apartment

Stuart Barrow and Barbara Kearins

Game: Three Short Games about Spaceships

Ian Bartlett

Game: The Dig

Talia Bruckard and Pixie Bea

Game: New Guards

Kirrily Burnett

Game: Mystery at the Library of Alexandria

Jason Cebalo

Jason Cebalo has now been role-playing for over three quarters of his life and is still loving it. When not gaming he’s a philosophy student at University of New England.

Game: Fools Rush In

Glen Cox

Glen has been playing RPGs since 1982. In that time he’s written almost all his own adventures. He’s even written a couple for cons. In the 90s. He’s learned two things from all these years of gaming — he’s gotten well old and he hates talking about himself in the third person.

Game: Revengers, Resemble!

Eliza Eaton

Game: Mysteries of Atalantum — Airship of Death

Elinor Jean

Elinor discovered role-playing relatively recently and this is her first game as GM at Pheno. Elinor loves collaborative and emotional games about people who are good people.

Game: Pixiedust

Random Jones

Games: Paper Jubilee and Flotsam's Children

Stephen Justice

Game: Legacy of Faded Memories

Rodney Kearins

Game: Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines

Nardia Kelly

A writer from a game development study background and a second-gen roleplayer, too queer for a straight answer to the "who are you" question, but that might also give some indication of the kinds of content they enjoy and write — speculative, arcane, sincere, and a little bit absurd. From Melbourne and usually in the Caligo Mundi crowd, you may remember them from Pride and Extreme Prejudice at Pheno 2019!

Game: A Song of the Transfigured

Gavin Lucan

To say that Babylon 5 has influenced Gavin's life is something of an understatement, and not just in his love of mandarin collared shirts. His longest running joke with his wife references the show and an excerpt from it was read at his wedding. He's taking a break from his usual silliness to run this game and is hoping to G'Quan it works.

He lives for the One, and would die for the One.

Game: Babylon 5: In Valen’s Name

Willow Lucas-Smith

Game: Lost In Space

Stephanie and Robbie Matthews

Game: Five Hunt Ghosts

Joe McNamara

Game: The Empty Throne of God

Fi Mcconachie

Game: White

Jake Nelson


Mathew Sforcina

Game: Piano Man Of Dunwich Street


Game: The Great Ramli Burger Expedition

Andrew Smith

Andrew started running games at Cons in the late 80s, and hasn't finished yet. He is a friend to the outré, the eldritch and the odd.

Game: The Feast of Saint Sathurn

Greg Tannahill

Greg Tannahill is an experienced writer of cathartic and/or comedic tabletop games. He has been running games at Pheno since 2011 and returns this year after a couple of years' break. His past games include the Triptych-featured The King In Winter, along with The Heist, Every Body Else, Begin Again, Sharkscraper!, Carol of the Bells, The Day Before the Dragon, and Five Queens.

Game: All Night Long

Mike Walker

Game: Chrysalis

Richard Warner & Muz Atkinson

Game: On Her Majesty's Super Service

James Woodman

Game: Bard: The Crescendo — Stage Lights



For the times when the writer's ambition exceeds their capacity for time travel and teleportation. When a freeform is just too big or there are more players than sessions. When that happens, GMs call in the cavalry.

Pheno thanks these heroic individuals!