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We're Sorry!

From David James, Secretary/Venue Org, and the rest of the Phenomenon Committee:

The Journey is over.

To our dear Pheno community, it is my sad responsibility to formally declare Pheno 2021 cancelled.

With the current Delta outbreak our venue has decided that they will not be able to host us this year but are more than happy to welcome us back in 2022. The Pheno Committee was already heading towards this decision at our next meeting, however in this case it has been made for us and we see no reason to delay informing you.

To our Writers I extend a heartfelt thank you for all your work. I intend to organise a delivery of a more tangible example of our gratitude for your willingness to lend our convention your imagination and toil soon. Keep an eye on your letterbox.

To our Players, I know this is disappointing. Missing out on seeing you all for a second year, missing out on the camaraderie, the laughs and the friendships is devastating. Hang in there. We will all get through this, and at Pheno 2022 we will celebrate.

To our Committee, the past two years have been hard. We have all done so much work without the payoff of the convention to keep us going. We have put in place a lot of great new ideas that, like excited children, we want to be able to share with our conventioneers. Be assured that work has not been for naught, and Pheno 2022 will be all the better for it.

The Journey is truly over. Pheno 2022 will have a new theme and, I hope, some new faces on the committee. Our President Emma and Writer Wrangler Jim will be stepping away from committee life to become players once more. I will be stepping back from the Secretary role to just be the Venue Org once again. Later this year, when restrictions allow it, we will host our Annual General Meeting where I hope to see some of you volunteering to join to help us make Pheno 2022 a reality. Stay tuned for more information about this.

Also keep an eye out for our webstore that will be selling merch, I hope to have this operational around the time the convention would have run. And those writers who are interested in possibly running some online sessions of their game are also invited to advertise this on our Facebook group.

Until we meet once more please stay safe, look after your physical, mental and emotional health, and know that Pheno will return.

David James
Secretary/Venue Org, Phenomenon Committee.