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Freeforms, also known as Live Action Roleplays (or LARPs), are the (infestation free) high sea cruises of roleplaying.

Babylon 5: In Valen’s Name

By Gavin Lucan

"Summoned I come. In Valen’s name I take the place that has been prepared for me. I am Grey. We stand between the candle and the star. We are Grey. We stand between the darkness and the light."

Valen has gone beyond. A Minbari not born of Minbari, who appeared in our hour of greatest need, led us to victory against the Shadows and formed the Grey Council, has left us. And now, the Council is to meet for the first time without his presence. The Council requires a leader to be chosen from among them, a leader who will determine the path the Minbari people will take.

Valen has gone beyond. The Grey Council, ruling body of the Minbari people, now stands bereft of his leadership, and for the first time in over a century, the path ahead is uncertain. The Minbari united behind Valen, who led them to victory against the Shadows, but now without his wisdom to guide them the Council stands at a crossroads, and no path is certain.

Meanwhile, old feuds stand ready to re-emerge. The Worker Caste, newly raised to equality, chafe over their past treatment and seek to maintain their new power. The Religious Caste are mired in debate over prophecy and the Minbari’s place in the galaxy, while the Warrior Caste, their forces recovered from the war, debate where they should point their weapons next. Even the Council itself is divided — some look to the future, or the fulfilment of prophecy while others look to more practical, or personal matters.

Above all, a new leader for the Council must be chosen. It is they who will guide the Council, but who among them can hope to match the legacy of Valen? The Minbari stand at a precipice, and not even Valen himself could predict what is to happen next...

Pheno game ratings
How many players? 9
What's the game again? Choosing the destiny of the Minbari people. A political freeform for 9 players
Seriousness? 4
Genre/Setting The Babylon 5 universe, roughly 1000 years before the show begins. Background knowledge is useful, but not needed.
System Systemless
Movie Rating PG


Lost In Space

By Willow Lucas-Smith

Establishing a colony on a distant world is a difficult job. You have all the training you need to apply your speciality skills for the colony when you arrive. Your 5 person team has its own Jupiter class landing craft that will become your habitat and new home. Each team was carefully chosen to live happily together and trained with all the skills needed to operate the Jupiter.

The Fleet of Jupiters were synchronised for their jump, but something went terribly wrong. What took mere seconds took many more minutes to fully comprehend, that only three ships have survived the jump, each damaged in its own way. A look out the window, the computer instrumentation confirms, you are not at Alpha Centuri, you are Lost In Space.

Pheno game ratings
How many players? 15ish
What's the game again? The 25th Colonial Group is heading to Alpha Centuri in a Jupiter Class Interstellar Colonisation Vehicle. When it’s time to launch from Earth, something goes wrong. The three surviving Jupiter ships must find their way home, or remain forever Lost in Space.
Seriousness? On the serious side
Genre/Setting Players will find themselves on a Jupiter class space ship, lost in space, with options for Extravehicular activities such as space walks, asteroid mining, and landing on planets.
This is a sci-fi game based off the Lost in Space franchise.
System Systems break, actions need doing, and doing them alone when you’re lost in space is not an option. Groups of players work out their differences or recollect memories as they do their work to save themselves.
Movie Rating M


Mysteries of Atalantum — Airship of Death

By Eliza Eaton

MURDER! Professor Horatio Bumblebridge was found dead this evening when the Black Adder's engine room exploded just as they docked at the historical city of Otium. The Guardia have revealed that the gyroscopic airship guidance compass, a new device allowing airships to navigate through the most inclement of weather, was sabotaged!

His Imperial Majesty has ordered that if the party responsible does not reveal themselves, all will be arrested. With the Guardia given Imperial dispensation to freely interrogate the guests, it is imperative that they find the murderer and present them to the Guardia when they arrive, if only to keep their secrets safe.

Mysteries of Atalantum — Airship of Death, a whodunit murder mystery for seven players, where everyone should be paranoid, because they're definitely out to get you.

Pheno game ratings
How many players? 7
What's the game again? An investigative murder mystery set on an airship where everyone has motive, and everyone has secrets they would prefer remain untold. A game for seven players where everyone is probably out to get you.
Seriousness? On the serious side
Genre/Setting Steampunk murder mystery where players have to work out who the murderer is, or convince everyone that someone else did it. Heavy player narrative.
System Systemless — Players are required to talk to each other
Movie Rating M — for mentions of murder, political and social intrigue, and almost everyone slept with the Professor at some point


Paper Jubilee

By Random Jones (with assistance from Maz Weaver and Loki Carbis)

It has been one year in Amber since the end of the Patternfall War, one year since the coronation of King Random, one year since the deaths of Dierdre and the traitor Brand, one year since the forces of the Courts of Chaos surrendered in defeat.

One year is not a long time for those who can live forever.

But time passes on.

The children of Oberon mourn their lost father, the minor nobility of Amber readjust to the new hierarchy, while the rest of the inhabitants of the one true city settle back into a life without war...

Time passes on.

It has been a year since the coronation of King Random and Queen Vialle, and that deserves a celebration. The music is playing, the wine is flowing, the food is plentiful and the dancing divine. We look to the future as we toast to their Majesties’ health, and wish them a long and prosperous reign.

And yet, one year is not a long time for those who can live forever…

Paper Jubilee is a freeform for (x) members of the house of Amber, their allies and their guests. It is set a year after the events of the Corwin Chronicles, with only the events in those five books considered canon.

Knowledge of the Amber universe by Roger Zelazny is considered helpful for players, but not necessary.

Paper Jubilee is a companion game to Flotsam’s Children, however both games are independent and neither is reliant on the other.

Pheno game ratings
How many players? X
What's the game again? A social and investigative freeform set in the universe of Roger Zelazny's Amber.
Seriousness? On the serious side, probably a 4 out of 5
Genre/Setting Roger Zelazny's Amber, knowledge of the setting is helpful but not necessary.
System Players will not need to know anything about the system, but it will be using the Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game system in the back end.
Movie Rating MA15+



By Fi Mcconachie

1947 and in the post-war boom the Snowy Hydro Scheme was hailed as the greatest engineering feat of all time in Australia. It was an achievement which could not have been possible without the labour of those men who travelled half the world. From the war-torn remnants of what they sometimes call the old country, they came to this place to dig holes through the mountains. They had come to a truly ancient place, one which was so different to the world they left behind. A place with stories older than time itself. These workers, these men, did not understand what their digging was doing. They didn’t know the trouble that their actions would bring to the world of today.

Last weekend three young men from a small town in the Australian High Country went fishing. When they arrived, it was cold and dark so they set up their camp quickly. Armed with heated whiskey, they walked to the river where the water flowed past darkly.

And there's so much water, so close to home
Everything’s turning to white

How could they not have seen the body of Indigo, found dead at Guthrie’s Pool, the very place they went to fish.
What happened to Indigo?

Why is there's so much water, so close to home
And why is everything’s turning to white? *

I acknowledge the Dhudhuroa, Waywurru, Yaitmathang, Taungurung, and Gunai-Kurnai whose lands have not been ceded and whose cultural stories help inform the landscape of this writing.

It is also important to recognize the immigrants who came to these shores after World War II and how the work of the Snowy Hydro Scheme shaped and changed our environment

*Adaption from and use of lyrics by Paul Kelly

Previously run at Arcanacon 2011 (I think…)

Pheno game ratings
How many players? 16
What's the game again? White is a modern day supernatural themed roleplaying story for 16 people set in the Australian Alps.
Seriousness? 4–5
Genre/Setting Modern Supernatural themed story, Australian Alps
System systemless
Movie Rating MA
Content warnings for Death, Violence, Drug Use.