Terms & conditions

Phenomenon 2015 has rules. All the best campsites do.

If you are planning on attending the convention and especially if you are intending on GMing or designing a game, read through these and if you have any questions (especially if the question starts with “I know it says you're not supposed to but can I…”) then please contact Pheno.

Link to our Anti-Harrassment Policy (pdf)

The Fine Print

  1. Phenomenon 2015 (“Pheno 2015”) is a games convention in Canberra hosted by Phenomenon Labs. It will happen on 5–8 June 2015 at Daramalan College, Dickson, ACT.
  2. Smoking is strictly forbidden on Daramalan College grounds. Please take it outside the fence. Or consider quitting. Just sayin'.
  3. Alcohol and illicit drugs of any kind are also strictly forbidden on the convention site. Mum said.
  4. No weapons of any kind, real or otherwise, are permitted on the convention site except as legitimate game props. Please check with a convention organiser beforehand if you wish to bring a weapon-like object for use as a prop to the convention. If you can kill people with your brain there's probably not a lot we can do to stop you but try to keep yourself under control.
  5. Wear your Convention badge

    Please wear your convention badge where it is easily visible to sleep-deprived organisers while you are on the Con site. This is a condition of our public liability insurance policy and not just an excuse for organisers to hassle you. If you lose your badge you can get a new one at the front desk for a small fee, or a large fee because generosity is cool.

  6. Random acts of kindness are also very cool.


Convention registration will be held on Friday 13 June from 6pm at Daramalan College. There will be some signs up. If you submitted your entry prior to the convention you should attend registration to get your schedule and check in to your games.

If you are entering on the night you should attend registration to try to enter the events you want to play. This requires negotiation with individual GMs and is at their discretion. The GMs decision is final.

It is much easier on the organisers and designers when players enter the convention early, so please try to get your online registration in as soon as possible. Not to mention it saves you disappointment when your chosen game is full for the weekend.


Everyone attending Phenomenon must fill out an entry form. You can enter as an individual or as part of a team. Where possible, team entries should be submitted together.


There are eleven (11) sessions available at the convention. To help us schedule you, please mark on the entry-form any times you are unavailable to play.

Pheno's party sorting hat will schedule your games before the Con, and before you can blink, generally. Entries received before the late date (29 May 2015) are guaranteed to be scheduled; entries received after the late date will be scheduled if at all possible; entries at the Con will be scheduled by negotiation with the game writers.

The schedule for games can be found on the Schedule page.



The Definitely Written Rule

Phenomenon (by any name at all) does not discriminate against any group, creed, ethos, sexuality, gender, choice in t-shirts, or species. We ask that you do as you would be done by at Pheno.

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