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The Enchanted Canteen

Pheno runs a canteen that stocks cold drinks (water, sports drinks, coke, soft drinks, energy drinks) sealed snacks (chips, nuts, knuckle sandwiches) and sweets (chocolate, snakes etc) as well as the usual assortment of hot drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate)—ask about our discount for anecdotes!


If epic munchiness ensues, Dickson shops are only 10 minutes walk or 5 minutes drive (plus finding a park for your ride) from Pheno. Dickson shops include a Woolies, Maccas, KFC, Ali Baba's, several takeaways, a couple of cafes (with internet access) and more Chinese and Asian restaurants than you can shake a stick at (my arm got tired after five). Dickson shops also includes autotellers, a chemist, a news agent, and service stations.

Camp Pheno Firelight* Banquet

Howdy campers! Thanks to our friends in Tree83, we'll be providing a full banquet feast for the big Sunday Night Campfire** get together out by the Lake Morph Lookout***.

For $35, you can get yourself a seat at our little get together, and swap stories with other campers of your experiences****, and enjoy some of our fine restaurant cooked Campfire Cuisine.

For more details, see below...

*No actual flames will be permitted near the banquet.
**The campfire will not be lit. This is in no way connected to the mysterious whispers that are rumoured to be heard whenever the fire is lit.
***The Lake Morph Lookout will be at least three kilometers from the banquet, and thoroughly locked. Do not approach the Lake Morph Lookout.
****Please do not mention experiences involving mysterious murders or vengeful ghosts that are just rumours, and definitely not a curse upon the camp.

Camp Pheno Firelight* Banquet

The team from Tree Eighty3 continue to exceed our expectations and will once again provide the meal for our Banquet.

Whether you want delicious food, camaraderie, carousing, or just not to have to leave the site between sessions, then join us around the campfire and live the Pheno motto: Canberra's Friendliest Roleplaying Convention.

For $35 dollars, you get your hands on the following:

Mains: Vegetable Korma and Quiche Lorraine

Sides: Classic Potato Bake (Vegetarian or Bacon filled available)
Grilled Zucchini, Capsicum, Spanish Onion, Eggplant and Carrots, with fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil
Layered Fresh Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella Salad with Basil, Spanish Onion and Balsamic dressing.

Desserts:Traditional Pavlova with Double Cream and Seasonal Fruits
Crepe Stacks with Cream, Fresh Berries, and Maple Syrup

Dietary friendly

Furthermore, the crew at Tree Eighty3 have confirmed that they will be able to provide Gluten and Dairy Free options for those that need them, as well as meeting other dietary requirements.

Just make sure you note your reuqirements when you sign up, so we can let Ralph and his team know.

About Tree Eighty3

Tree Eighty3 catering have been operating in Canberra for 18 years, with both catering and a fantastic place in Bailey's Corner. Their excellent food and customer service provided an amazing Banquet at the last three Phenomenon's, and we're delighted to have them back.

Find out more about them from their website, or drop by The Tree Eighty3 at Shop 28, Bailey's Corner, Civic.

Post-con drinkies: the after-party party

Post-con drinkies will be held at O’Neill’s Irish Pub. They have Guinness and other stuff. You can get snacks from $6 and dinner from $12—they have a variety of yummy stuff on their menu and their kitchen will be open until 9pm.

Parenting room

Pheno will offer a space for you to care for your children, with change table etc. This will not be staffed—you will need to supervise your own children here.

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