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Ocasionally we have a brilliant idea we don't know how to identify. They end up here! This list is by no means exhaustive, as you can see it's rather short. Additional interesting things may appear here in due course, so keep your eyes peeled.

  • The Fabulous Phenomenon Costume Contest
  • Casual Games Room
  • The Fabulous Phenomenon Costume Contest

    After two year's successful renditions of the “Return of the Phenomenon Costume Contest”, we thought we'd push our luck and do it again this year.

    In case you can't recall why we're doing this, we'll quote ourselves from last year:

    “Every year at Phenomenon, we see a bunch of truly excellent costumes, that are sometimes never seen again. In an effort to catalogue these rare and fantastical outfits, we're announcing the Fabulous Phenomenon Costume Contest!”

    Becoming a part of the contest is easy:

    1. At the start of each freeform, there will be one of our red sash wearing orgs with a camera poised to take the photos of anyone in costume and willing to enter. Simply say you're interested in entering, and you're in!

    The contest is split into two categories:

  • Best Male Costume
  • Best Female Costume
  • The Best Male and Best Female costumes will be decided by a panel from the Pheno Committee with the winners to be announced at prizegiving! So come, get your photo taken, and be part of the fun!


    Casual Games Room

    Like last year, Pheno is running a Casual Games Room for people to drop in if they find themselves with some time to spare over the weekend. There will be space to play those amazing games you just purchased from Ryan's House of Crap, board and card games you can grab from the Pheno library and also some Dragon Age RPG and Numenera RPG Intro modules that Anestis will be happy to play people through.

    Anestis will be giving his time to run the room, and is asking for a gold coin donation to play the games from the library. All donations will be given to Pegasus Riding for the Disabled


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