Phenomenon 2023 Phenomenon 2023



Mysterious vendors of a myriad of arcane goods are known to frequent Phenomenon's Grand Bazaar. Stop by and check out the treasures!

Pheno is currently recruiting vendors and stalls for Phenomenon 2023. If you would like to run a stall, please contact Pheno.


Birdie Weatherwax

Birdie Weatherwax will be host a stall with art, stickers, and crochet goods. Check out their work @birdieisbest on instagram for a sneak peak! If you like what you see and want something personalised you're welcome to chat commissions at the convention.



David M. James presents Book 2 of the Wingless Trilogy, a series of Urban Fantasy books surrounding a group of Angels exiled from Heaven for refusing to fight in the Great War.

Hattie Newman is about to embark on the greatest adventure any normal young woman just graduated from university can start – moving out of home. However, with Hattie’s family home consisting of her human parents, an extra Angelic mother, a fallen angel-turned-human third mother, and a literal host of celestial aunts and uncles, ‘normal’ is not a description often levelled at Hattie.

When, one-by-one, her angelic relatives start to disappear, Hattie finds herself thrust once again into the Great War between Heaven and Hell, only this time she doesn’t have the strength of her celestial family to help her.

And in trying to save them, the girl who was once called the ‘Wingless of Fear’ may eventually discover just what fear really means.

Born Without Wings is the second novel in the Wingless series and takes up Hattie’s story fifteen years after events in Wingless.

A small number of copies of Book 1 will also be available.

Epic Fantasy RPG

This year we are happy to announce Epic Fantasy as a contributing sponsor of Pheno 2023.