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Entry into RPGA events is individual. Teams of four to six players will be formed for each game based on how many players sign up, and what level PC they wish to play. While every effort will be made to let you play with your friends, if there are six of you and two individuals, RPGA rules say we must run two tables of four. Your understanding and co-operation are appreciated.

All RPGA general rules, as well as any campaign specific rules, are applicable to RPGA games at Phenomenon 2006.

All RPGA games are bring-your-own character, although we have some ready to play PCs available. Specific information on character creation can be found by going to the RPGA site and selecting the campaign you wish to play.

Senior GM is Wes Nicholson.

Session costs

All Living D20 games including the Interactive cost only $6.50 per game, even if they run over more than one session.

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Scheduling note

The Living D20 games run on a different schedule to the rest of Pheno.

  Friday night Sat.
9 - 1.30
2.30 -7
8 -11
9 - 1.30
2.30 - 7
9 - 1.30
PER6-04 - Death's Fury No!! Yes Yes No!! Yes Yes No!!
PER6-05 - Dark Star No!! Yes Yes No!! Yes Yes No!!
LG Interactive No!! No!! No!! No!! No!! No!! Yes
Lifesavers mini-mod Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No!!
LG Intro mods Yes No!! No!! Yes No!! No!! No!!
IUZ6-03 - Cup Runs Dry No!! Yes Yes No!! Yes Yes No!!
IUZ6-04 - Acid Test No!! Yes Yes No!! Yes Yes No!!
EMH 11 - Incident at Graywall No!! Yes Yes No!! Yes Yes No!!
EMH 12 - Escape from Grea Tower No!! Yes Yes No!! Yes Yes No!!
LGR 24 To Severe the Head of the Snake No!! Yes Yes No!! Yes Yes No!!
Night's Promise Yes No!! No!! No!! No!! No!! No!!
Night's Friend No!! No!! No!! Yes No!! No!! No!!
LA-SP4-09 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea No!! Yes Yes No!! Yes Yes No!!

The games

Living Greyhawk

Eberron Mark of Heroes Games

Legacy of the Green Regent

Living Force

Living Arcanis

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Living Greyhawk

PER6-04 — Death's Fury

by Patrick Williamson & Andrew Cowan

A shipment headed for Riberlund carries much needed supplies and reinforcements to a city cut off from the rest of the nation. But it is beneath the city where the troubles lie, and an enemy that is now within reach of his goal. Is there anyone who is willing to join the fight to stop him in time? No matter the cost?

A Perrenland Regional adventure for brave (and only a little bit foolish) characters of levels 4-12, with emphasis for Auszug, Pax, Den Zauber and Old Kerk members. Part five of the Nation Mocked series.

PER6-05 — Dark Star

by Mark Somers

Three years have passed since the Voormann elections, three years since the election hall was blown up by Kârl Hüssen and his associates, and three years since Hasten Weisspeer was killed and resurrected. Since that time there have been whispers about the Weisspeer pfaltzgraf, and whether he remains the good man he once was. Will you be able to get to the truth of the matter?

This is a Perrenland regional adventure with a leaning towards investigation. This adventure will most likely interest characters from the Weisspeer clan, or those with membership in the following meta-orgs: Rechters, the Voormannsgardt, Den Masque or the Treasure Hunters. For APLs 8 to 12.

LG Intro Mods

We will have all the currently available LG Intro Mods available for you to play any time there's a spare few hours with nothing to do.

IUZ6-03 — The Cup Runs Dry

by Theo Judd

A desperate individual from a mysterious organization that opposes the Lord of Pain has magically contacted you. His organization is under assault and if you do not move quickly, all they have worked for over the last ten years will be gone. To make matters worse, it appears the powerful and enigmatic leader of the organization may be a traitor to the cause. For APLs 10 to 16.

IUZ6-04 — Acid Test

by Jeffrey A Doberpuhl

For APLs 8 to 14.

LG Interactive — Perfect Match

It's time for the many single citizens of Schwungelstadt to look for a partner, and what better way to do that than at a bachelors and spinsters ball? Nothing could possibly be finer, nothing could possibly go wrong. No weapons allowed, no magic either.

A four to five hour interactive for character levels 1 to 15.

Lifesavers mini-mod

by Jon Naughton

What happens in Perrenland does not always stay in Perrenland. The Perrenland ambassador to Greyhawk city has been recalled to deal with some local intra-clan problems. In these dark and troubled times though, a clan divided weakens all clans and has implications for the nation as a whole.

A Perrenland interactive for PCs of character levels 6 - 15 (APLS 8 - 14). Runs Friday night and all Saturday and Sunday sessions.

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Eberron Mark of Heroes

EMH 11 — Incident at Graywall

A simple smash and grab mission turns complicated, as Diggers find themselves on the run from Xor'chylic, the Mind Flayer governor of the Droaam city. Can you escape the city before your gray matter nourishes the local lord?

An adventure optimized for 7th-level characters.

EMH 12 — Escape from Grea Tower

It's just another day in the Diggers' Union, as you climb the steps to the top of Grea Tower. Why is everyone looking at you strangely? Is that a knife hidden in your friend's sleeve? Rat poison in the dining hall gruel? Venomous snakes in your bed? Why is everyone trying to kill you and how are you going to escape from Grea Tower?

An adventure optimized for 8th-level characters.

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Legacy of the Green Regent

LGR-24 — To Severe the Head of the Snake (sic)

War is coming. In a last-ditch effort, the Red Fellowship sends a group of heroes to do all they can to delay the inevitable while they hope against hope that the heroes will accomplish even more than they set out to do.

The fourth and final part of the Tides of War.

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Living Force

Night's Promise

The streets of Cularin have grown progressively less safe over the last two years. Recently, non-Jedi Force-users have been the target of a great deal of distrust — not by the people of Cularin, but by the Thaereian Military.

An adventure for Living Force heroes levels 1-9. This scenario should be played before "Night's Friend" and "Night's Homecoming" (Episodes II and III of the "Night Eyes" trilogy.)

Night's Friend

The indigent population of Cularin has continued to shrink, with one of the most notable changes being a reduction in the number of children wandering the streets. What is going on?

An adventure for Living Force heroes levels 1-9.

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Living Arcanis

LA-SP4-09 — Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

The adventuring life is difficult and dangerous. What could be more enjoyable than a pleasant sea voyage to take your mind off the travails of the road?

A Living Arcanis adventure for characters 1st through 8th level.

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