Phenomenon 2016

Queen's Birthday Long Weekend, 10—13 June, 2016.
Daramalan College, Dickson, ACT

Gossip from the dancefloor

Pheno endeavours to keep you up to date with news relevant to the convention both here and on our Facebook page. Keep an eye on this space for unexpected cancellations, additions or swift sleight of hand game swaps.

Rumour 3

Rego WILL CLOSE at Midnight (11:95:59 PM) on Sunday 29 May.
Also, please remember that Banquet tickets cannot be purchased at the con - if you would like to join us for the Banquet you will need to pre-register you ticket in our system. (Payment will still be accepted at the con, but we need to know in advance how many diners to cater for)

Rumour 2

Banquet details added and Rego is now open!

Rumour 1

The Pheno website is live!