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Freeforms, also known as Live Action Roleplays (or LARPs), are the 'other blue meat' of roleplaying.


Citius, Altius, Forius

These are words which have moulded the modern Olympic Games and driven men and women to strive and compete against the measure of the clock and the tape. These are words which have also carried nations towards grand displays of nationalism and political protest.

August 14th 2016 2.00pm
BREAKING NEWS: Disaster Strikes at Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro - There are unconfirmed reports of an incident involving at least one of the transport buses being used to transport athletes - Updates to follow as they come to hand.

August 14th 2016 2.30pm
BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: The collapse of the Zuzu Angel tunnel is reported to have trapped at least one bus convoying athletes and officials to the start zone of the triathlon. It is unknown at this time who many people have been trapped and how many casualties.

August 14th 2016 3.00pm
NEWS UPDATE: The Zuzu Angel tunnel disaster may have been deliberate. Security police have cordoned off the area and have begun an investigation.

Set in the near future Citius, Altius, Fortius is a freeform for 12 athletes and team officials during the 2016 the Summer Olympics at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, trapped in a dangerous situation.

What's the game again? 12 player Freeform at the Rio Olympic Games
Seriousness? Serious Themes to Explore
Genre/Setting Modern Setting
System Systemless
Movie Rating MA (Racism, Mild Supernatural possibly)



Gone Native - A Maric's Place Freeform

Polukiki - an Island Paradise.

A mysterious island in the middle of the sea: strange birds, strange plants, and even stranger natives. An imperial outpost trying to create order in the jungle amidst ancient temples, giant statues, and a rumbling mountain. An island of opportunity: rare woods, exotic spices, and gems the size of fists.

Could this be the famous Ille d'Murtha, final resting place of the Great Gouran and his famous treasure. Or is it the Island of Death written about by Captain Hadroon, sole survivor of the Doomed Fleet that vanished over a hundred years ago. No word has been heard from the Imperial outpost on Polukiki in two years. No ships have returned laden with new world treasures. What has become of the expedition to the heart of the island?

A small fleet lead by Captain Fleitz sets out from Tiran. Soldiers, diplomats, merchants and fortune hunters: the curious and the brave. What will they find when they arrive?

A Maric's Place freeform for 20+ players set on the Island paradise of Polukiki. Costuming preferred. Players wishing to play their usual characters please email (psen @ apex . net . au) after registering. For further information about Maric's Place or for costuming ideas please email the above address


What's the game again?Political and Action Freeform for 20+ players
Seriousness?In the middle
Genre/SettingSwashbuckling/Romance era
Movie Rating M15+ or MA, as much of the content could be considered R but is dealt with in a light hearted way... more like Game of Thrones with a funny side



Inner Space

There was an incident…

Shots fired.

What happened?

Where am I?

Who am I?

From a moment of crisis, there can be many possible outcomes. Split second decisions lead to unforeseen consequences. Some people accept the responsibility for their actions, intentional or not. Some people deny their part in the cause or in the effect. Others spend the rest of their lives second guessing and judging themselves for what they did in those few moments, cursing their lack of vision, foresight or courage.

This is a shared narrative game about truth and perception. It's a game about identity: how you see yourself and how others see you. As you explore the game and interact with others you will not only discover the truth about your situation and yourself, you will create it.

The game is serious and introspective. It is cooperative rather than competitive. The story develops from the actions of the players, not from outside narrative events. While the GMs create a framework for the narrative to happen within, the story is about how the players make their way through that framework, how they choose to reach the end, and what end the characters choose for themselves.

What's the game again?Introspective game about identity in the midst of crisis for 30 players in teams of 5
Seriousness?On the serious side
Genre/SettingModern Day
SystemVery low mechanics. No system knowledge is needed; the game uses a custom system based on negotiation and consensus.
Movie RatingPG, adult themes



Paranoia Live: Recreational Event in ACT Sector

It takes a lot of forms in triplicate and not a few bribes but once in a while YOUR FRIEND the Computer permits recreational social function 47A-2 and you have managed to acquire an invitation with hardly any blood on it. A lot of important clones will be there and deals of all kinds are likely to be made while drinking experimental new Bouncy Bubble Beverage flavours. Rumour has it that there will be Infra-Red Market vendors, Secret Societies, and Debate of the statistical likelihood of Troubleshooter missions for amusement purposes only, no credits involved.

Just the opportunity to advance yourself, or at least keep afloat in Alpha Complex's mess of intrigue and treason, but it's likely that some of the guests are not loyal citizens like yourself but potentially Mutants, Traitors or even Communists. Trust no one, keep your laser handy, party on.

What's the game again?Mid clearance citizens mingling and trying to get ahead in the Alpha Complex rat-race. For 20 players
Seriousness?On the lighter side
Movie RatingG



Vampire: Bat Country

Please note: this game will run during the two sessions either side of the Banquet on Sunday night

"We can't stop here. This is bat country." - Hunter S Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

It's epic. 30 players, two sessions, three GMs, characters available in advance so you can plan with your Coterie and costume appropriately. Everything's connected to everything else, and there are wheels within wheels within wheels, and, as in real life, everyone is complicated. You never hear the bullet that kills you.

It's sinister. We've got an R rating, and we're going to use it. This is a society of beautiful monsters , and every other Kindred is your enemy. The waters you swim in are deep and murky, and you don't want to know what they hide.

It's passionate. The Kindred simultaneously love and hate passion. It reminds them what it was like to be alive. There are decades-old feuds and alliances, Blood Bonds, unhealthy relationships and all sorts of other permutations. Unlife is a party; enjoy it, because it's forever.

It's bloody. This Prince guards the Right of Destruction jealously, but what he doesn't know can't hurt you. I am in blood stepp'd in so far that, should I wade no more, returning were as tedious as go o'er. Oh god, what did we just do?

It's Vampire. You all know how this goes. A sociopathic Prince rules with iron in his fist and Dominate in his eyes. Elders scheme against each other for insults real or imagined and against the Childer they secretly fear, while those Childer dream of a better death outside the choking grasp of the Camarilla. Everyone wonders how far they'll go to get what they want, and having gone that far, if they can turn back before it's too late. A beast I am, lest a beast I become.

A 30-player, two session Vampire the Masquerade freeform using the By Night Studios system.

Players may pre-book characters for this game with the writer. Please see this list of characters for you to choose from.

What's the game again?Social/political horror freeform for 30 players over two sessions
Seriousness?On the serious side
Genre/SettingVampire the Masquerade
SystemThe newest incarnation of MET, but it's designed to be accessible if you don't know the system.
Movie RatingR (violence, adult themes)