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Vendor Stalls

Pheno is currently recruiting vendors and stalls for Phenomenon 2019. If you would like to run a stall, please contact Pheno at info@pheno.org.au.

Convention Merchandise

This year Pheno is offering two new types of merchandise. Both of these do need to be pre-ordered for printing purposes—a form will be available soon. You will be able to pay at the con, but the item must be pre-ordered.

Team Badges

Of course we need stinkin' badges!

Did you ever want something to show off your AWESOME Team Name? This year we are creating button badges that will be proudly displaying your team name!

You can also order coasters and magnets for the same cost.

Use the order form below to order your badges, coasters, and magnets.

If anyone wants to name their team "Your Team Name" we are going to get very confused. Just saying.
Order your Team Badge at $5 a badge or a Team of five for $20, (buy 4 get the 5th free!), on the order form HERE

The House of Crap™

Looking for a boardgame, figurine or obscure rule book you didn't know you needed*? You're sure to find it and many other oddments at The House of Crap!™.

Want to sell your gaming related stuff you don't need any more? Print out and fill in in this SUPER EASY FORM and bring it and your stuff to Ryan or Wes at The House of Crap™ and we'll do our best to find it a new home.

All prices by negotiation, get your inner Khajiit out and haggle!

*Ryan's wife would really appreciate you buying something so it's not being stored in their garage anymore.

Swords, Magic and Dragons

Swords, Magic and Dragons is your one stop medieval and fantasy store. Here you will find a range of goods including clothing, swords, knives, jewellery, tabletop gaming items, household items and much more.

Visit the Swords, Magic & Dragons webpage!