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Food & services

Food, Glorious Food!


Pheno runs a canteen onsite that stocks cold drinks (water, sports drinks, coke, soft drinks, energy drinks) sealed snacks (chips, nuts, knuckle sandwiches) and sweets (chocolate, snakes etc) as well as an assortment of hot drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate)—ask about our discount for anecdotes!


If epic munchiness ensues, Dickson shops are only 10 minutes walk or 5 minutes drive (plus finding a park for your ride) from Pheno. Dickson shops include a Woolies, Maccas, KFC, Ali Baba's, several takeaways, a couple of cafes (with internet access) and more Chinese and Asian restaurants than you can shake a stick at (my arm got tired after five). Dickson shops also includes autotellers, a chemist, a news agent, and service stations.

The Banquet

Whether you want delicious food, camaraderie, carousing, or just not to have to go foraging for dinner, join us to uphold the Phenomenon motto: Canberra's Friendliest Roleplaying Convention.

Taking place during the Sunday Night break and going on until people are sated, the Phenomenon Feast continues this awesome banquety banquet tradition!

This year, Capital Roast will be providing a Golden Roast for the Silver Age:

Mains: beef, chicken, lamb, vegetable lasagne

Salads, sauces and sides: tossed garden salad, ROAST POTATOES (we double-checked!), mixed veg (cauliflower, carrots and broccoli), baby carrots, beetroot salad, creamy pasta, creamy potato, pineapple. French (bread) sticks cut & buttered, gravy, mint jelly, mustard, salt & pepper, sour cream.

Desserts: vanilla cheesecake, chocolate mud cake, orange poppy-seed cake (GF), pavlova (Australia's favourite fruit!). Tea and coffee.

All this for the all inclusive price of $33! Let us know in your entry that you want to attend, (there will be a tick-box for that).

Post con drinkies

Post-con drinkies will be held at a new venue in Dickson, built upon the ashes of the old venue (so finding it should be easy for us old-timers).

Ducks Nuts has gluten free options on their menu and lots of the lovely liquid stuff.

Other amenities

Parenting room

Pheno will offer a space for you to care for your children, with change table etc. This will not be staffed—you will need to supervise your own children here.

Quiet space

Quiet spaces are available if you need some time out: please ask an org.

But sorry, no wifi...

We are sorry to disappoint but Pheno does not provide WiFi. As a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers in our spare time we just can't afford to.