The Schedule

There will be eleven (11) sessions for standard scheduled games across the weekend. The banquet is on Sunday night, and all the fun of post-Con drinkies on Monday night.

The Pheno sorting hat will sing the scheduling song to fill your schedule with games. To help the hat, please mark on the entry-form any times you are unavailable to play.

It is strongly recommended you do not to leave it until the Friday night! Some games fill up well before the convention starts and while every effort is made to accomodate your preferences the GMs need to sleep some time.

Friday 09 Saturday 10 Sunday 11 Monday 12
9–12 am
2 6 10
3 7 11
Registration from 6pm* 4 8 Prizegiving
Dinner Banquet
Details to come
1 5 9 - Games continue as normal
and Banquet continues
Post-Con drinkies

* Please note: Do not arrive at the con-site before registration opens at 6pm Friday 9 June. This is a working school where school children will still be on site, and being interviewed by the police often offends.