Random Inc presents a Phenomenon Labs games convention

Phenopocalypse 2012

Phenopocalypse 2012


Vendor stalls

Pheno is currently recruiting vendors and stalls for Phenopocalypse 2012. If you would like to run a stall, please contact Pheno at .

House of Crap

We got BOTH kinds o'crap here - Ryan's crap AND Wes's crap!
(and if you like, YOUR crap too...)

Banjo Out!!!

House of Crap is the second hand games (and games-related) stand that Ryan and Wes run at Pheno.

House of Crap is yet again pleased to offer all Phenomenon attendees the chance to unburden themselves of those games that have been sitting unloved in boxes or on shelves. In exchange for a donation to Phenomenon of 10% of the selling price, House of Crap will spruik your wares and find a sucker — err buyer — for your surplus gaming products.

We stand by our prices on D20 banjos!

The Fixins

You'll need to download, print and fill in this As Wes is my witness, this is some primo crap! form to sell your crap.

All your crap must be accompanied by a completed As Wes is my witness, this is some primo crap! form if you ever want to see any money back.

Contact Ryan for further incentives to sell!