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Phenomenon 2007

Phenomenon 2007


bringer of wonders

Your Fairy Godmorph at work.

Phenomenon crew & writers

Here are the fine organisers and writers of Pheno 2006's games and activities. As you will note, they are beyond description, beyond reason, and beyond thanks.

Buy them lots of drinks at post-Con drinkies.


President — Ryan D'Argeavel

Secretary — Mike(y) McClure

Treasurer — Paul Naveau

Assistant Treasurer/ Acting Secretary — Jenny Mason

Event Manager — Ingrid Bean

Writer Wrangler — Ingrid Bean

RPGA Wrangler — Wes Nicholson

Wargaming Wrangler — Paul Naveau

Venue Wrangler/ Site Manager — Liz Argall

Assistant Venue Wrangler/ Site Manager — Shane Donohoe

PIT (Pheno Information Technology) Crew Manager — Justin Deutsch

PIT Crew — Shane, Elissa Feit, Robbie Matthews

Website Designer — Andrew Smith

Identity Manager — Nadina Geary

Venue Liaison — David James

Random Inc. Liaison — Nigel Cunningham



John Hughes

John Hughes? An old codger. Bit of a curiosity. Hopes grey is the new black. Can't find his winklepickers and his goth outfit doesn't fit any more. Big on systemless and Glorantha. Longtime gamer, con organiser, writer, editor, 3D artist and cognitive anarchist.

For more see http://www.pen-paper.net/rpgdb.php?op=showcreator&creatorid=5507

David James

David James has been roleplaying since 1982, writing his first convention game with Andrew Smith for CanCon 1987. In recent years he has co-written 'Seek', 'Mirrordark' and 'A Personal Apocalypse' with Xole Karman and 'Use By Date' with Virginia James. His last Tryptich offering was 'You can't go home again'. When it comes to writing games, either table-top or freeform, David prefers to indulge in characters and situations that allow players to explore their own paths, morals and emotions; in worlds where no one is black or white, but all, including the PC's themselves, are varying shades of grey.

Jacinta Thomler

Jacinta is a Roleplaying-Rendition Package (RRP) that compiles under Pheno (and possibly other Con Operating systems). Jacinta includes an advanced consensus-depiction algorithm and a subtle but powerful action/intention language, ultimately derived from C, Perl and Sumerian.

new designer New writer

Stacey L. Payne

The third princess of the kingdom of Asutra, betrothed to the merchant prince Durden Jool although she doesn't love him. Stacey's ambition was once to become a doctor but was forced to give up her medical studies by her ambitious elder sister, Eries. She later runs away from Asutra to become a mech pilot and fulfill her dreams, as well as writing her second freeform for Pheno. Blood type B.

Vintage writers

Stuart Barrow

Stuart Barrow was once Pheno's best new designer, with a game about adventurous ladies, and then wrote a Triptych about recapturing one's glory days. He's a bureaucrat by day job.

Mik Bonsall

Started attending conventions in 1998, playing at Conquest. Been writing for conventions since 2001, presenting games at Arcanacon XIX, XX, XXI, XXII, XXIII, XXIV, XXV, Dwarfcon 7, 8, 9 and Retrocon 1 and 2, writing games in Ravenloft, Cthulhu, Star Wars, Hunter Planet and Deadlands genres. First attended Phenomenon as a player in 2005, was unable to attend in 2006 and returning to present 'Union Blues' in 2007.

Brett Evill

On the heights above the river Xzan, at the site of certain ancient ruins, Iuconnu the Laughing Magician had built a manse to his private taste: an eccentric structure of steep gables, balconies, sky-walks, cupolas, together with three spiral green glass towers through which the red sunlight shone in twisted glints and peculiar colours.

Marissa Harris

Since moving to Canberra, Marissa has developed a love for running ongoing freeform campaigns, with the Changeling freeform: Twilight Dreams running for over 3 years. While there has been the odd tabletop, both campaign and convention game, it has definitely been a while since she has run anything of the sort. Marissa tends to despise learning systems, rarely ever buys source books and usually avoids putting herself in any situation involving maths. Strangely enough, as she was passing a local bookstore not that long ago, the GURPS CthulhuPunk supplement reached out to her mind and forced her both to purchase it (who could resist?) and to run a tabletop module for Pheno. It even made her learn the GURPS system to be able to do so! Where will the evil of this book stop?

Eric Henry

Chuck Norris can not die... while Eric permits him to live. Cursed by a surfeit of rugged moustache-toting masculinity Eric vainly tries to conceal his herculanean godliness under the veneer of a gentle student of English lit and DC comics — but it is all in vain. When the going gets tough and the pirate shirt gets ripped, the laconic quips begin and the badguys die like terrified ants. And if you know what terrifies ants, you'll know what I mean.

Xole Karman

Xole (That's pronounced 'Kole') is primarily a freeform writer, creating games based heavily in thick soupy politics. She likes the Amber setting rather too much and does scary things to Greek mythology. Olympus 2020 will be her 16th freeform.

Andrew McLennan

This faded former child star will be remembered from the 'geeksploitation' sitcoms of the mid 80s ('Meet the Primes' and the spinoff 'Hawking's Angels') with a mixture of nostalgia and nausea. His career since his voice broke has been less luminary, resulting in several fine games for Cons but also four broken marriages, three surreal substances convictions, two terms in parliament and a homeless iguana. Please give generously.

Joe McNamara

At birth Joe was replaced by a duplicate.

mik bonsall
Mark Philip of Pointless Mental Cruelty

Mark is one of those enthusiastic, good-natured and foolish souls filled with the best of intentions. His name is often invoked in vain by other members of Pointless Mental Cruelty (the writing team he helped establish) when confronted by his administrative efforts, props and endearing ideas. He's definitely Mentally Cruel at the best of times!


Random is the tutelary deity of the Awa region, near Chiba in Japan. He is depicted in the local temple as a stylish but slightly faded gentleman with kindly eyes. He was once married to a local Kitsune but it didn't work out, and Random has returned to writing games for Cons.

Renee & Fi (& Bob)

Renee, Fi (and Bob) are the current incarnations of the Threefold Goddess: the Kindly Ones; The Moirae; the Mother, the Maiden (and the Bob). In their spare time they write great freeforms set in mildly fictitious historical periods and wildly prefer pirates to ninjas.

Andrew Smith

The former chancellor of the collapsed Cthulhumist People's And Things' Republic of East Kadath, all Andrew has to show for his years in power is a commemorative tentacle. Against all odds he still likes Guinness.

Tim Smith & Robert Barbetti

Tim and Rob are the two surviving members of the group 'Rassendyll', the 2001 Eurovision entry from the tiny post-communist nation of Ruritania. Viewers will remember that this is the year Eurovision turned to gladiatorial combat to resolve the top twenty places, and unfortunately, Rassendyll's members were lovers, not fighters (unlike the former East Germans...). Tim and Rob have turned their inner pain to writing freeforms.

Peter Trueman

Peter Trueman has been roleplaying and game-mastering since 1980, principally D&D but with some experience of Traveller, Heroes Unlimited, Vampire the Masquerade, Witchcraft, Armageddon and Champions. Peter is the crusty but loveable cook of our merry band and his 'frog stew' is legendary (the best part is the croak!) - as well as replete with tiny thigh-bones.