Freeforms, also known as Live Action Roleplays (or LARPs), are the ‘other white meat’ of roleplaying.

The games

Dark Cambridge

by Jason Cebalo

The Year is 1232.

For years now, the small university town of Cambridge, England, has been a crucial square on the board in the great chess game between the Brujah, Venture and Lasombra clans for control of Western Europe.

Now, things begin to change, the Tzimisce and Assamites move in from the East, a new clan, the Tremere begin to make their presence felt and now, rumours spread about the awakening of a Powerful and evil Methuselah.

And then, one evening, Servinius, Elder Brujah Prince of Cambridge is found diablorised in his bed, creating a power vacuum.

Who will succeed him? Which clan will gain control of this vital town? And why do all of Cambridge’s Malkavians seem to be disappearing?

A one-session freeform using Mind Eyes Theatre’s Faith and Fire rule book. No knowledge of either setting or rules
are needed to play this game, but those who are familiar with the setting are encouraged to send in their own character concepts. You can even design your own and send it to me for approval. However: No Malks, (someone has murdered them all) and there can only be one abomination in the game, a Ventrue Silver Fang, which can be either male of female and goes to the first player to ask for him/her.

Please contact Jason Cebalo at least a fortnight before the Con. (02) 6241-8246 or email jason_andrew_cebalo @ (remove the spaces around the '@').


Deblessing a Princess

by Barbara Kearins

Once upon a time in a land far far away…

There once was a fairy godmother called Agnes, and like all fairy godmothers, she would bestow a blessing on a new princess or other deserving young lady, who’s destiny was to marry a prince. That is assuming she had the right size foot for the glass slipper or magical wooden clog or whatever. Agnes enjoyed bestowing blesses in fact gained a reputation for thwarting evil fairy’s curses (it pays to be fashionably late). There is one aspect of the fairy Godmother business however, that most people don’t know about, and that is the paperwork. Agnes enjoyed the blessing, but hated the paperwork ( a good blessing could take a week or two to complete the paperwork) and with time her blessings became simpler and in a way stranger.

And so it came to pass that in a time not so long ago that Agnes blessed a princess, to “Never have to face the torture that she doth face on a daily basis…”

King Frederick has offered a reward, he wants to marry his betrothed, but cannot until she graduates. She cannot graduate until her “Blessing “ has been removed. Could it be that she is the child so blessed by Agnes. Only her fellow students can discover…

And by the way, her fairy godmother is refusing to take any calls...

A freeform for various enterprising St Tyrants Students.

Pheno ratings
Characterisation 3 Genre 3 Rules knowledge 0
Story/plot 4 Seriousness 2 Adult content PG


Diamond’s Dream

by Marissa Harris

The cycle has ended. The Eternal Winter has fallen.
This world dies.

Diamond grieves: It is the only world he has.
Diamond dreams: It is the only world he has...

...for the moment.

A Changeling: The Dreaming freeform in the ongoing ‘Twilight Dreams’ Chronicle. All players very welcome!

For more information contact Marissa Harris at marissah @ (remove the spaces around the '@') or visit the Twilight Dreams website!

This is not a Camarilla game!

Pheno ratings
Characterisation 2-4 Genre 3 Rules knowledge 0
Story/plot 3-4 Seriousness 4 Adult content PG




by David James and Xole Karman


You are cordially invited to celebrate the naming
of the Crown Princess of Amber
by her loving parents
their Royal Majesties King Marcus Aurelius and Queen Lucinda

A 31-player Amber Freeform over 2 sessions for Diplomats, Amberites, Chaosians, Rebmans and a handful of gate-crashing Gods.

A basic understanding of Roger Zelazny's Amber Universe would be helpful, but is not necessary. Costuming is strongly advised. Please book characters before the convention by contacting Xole at mordiggian @ (remove the spaces around the '@').

More details!

Pheno ratings
Characterisation 4 Genre 3–4 Rules knowledge 2
Story/plot 5 Seriousness 3–4 Adult content M (adult concepts)


The Sable Throne

by Rob Barbetti

The Kingdom of Marteya stands astride the Bronze Peaks, guarding the southern lands against an ancient evil long banished from the lands of man.

Legend has it that the warding walls will guard the land while the rightful king reigns from the Sable throne. The current king is failing, lying on her deathbed as her heirs squabble among themselves.

Portents abound of the Sable throne, great events and the turning of an age.
A new power, the Empire of Grieve masses an army on Marteya’s Northern border and an emissary has presented herself seeking terms.

Other emissaries, potential allies have claiming to fulfil treaties so old none now living, remember them.

Feuds, strange occurrences and civil strife have riven the Marteyan capital of late, making meetings to determine the future of the kingdom ever more hazardous. This meeting presents the last real chance to respond to the new threat while a response is still possible.

A fantasy freeform for 25 or more players. Characters available for prebooking by phone: 0421 647 516 or email: jhelom @ (remove the spaces around the '@').

Pheno ratings
Characterisation 4 Genre 3 Rules knowledge 3
Story/plot 4 Seriousness 3 Adult content M (Adult concepts and some animated violence)


The Trial

by Liz Waldock

"Now, Jurymen, hear my advice —
All kinds of vulgar prejudice
I pray you set aside:
With stern judicial frame of mind …
This trial must be tried."

Koko is in trouble for flirting again. This time it has gone to trial. Koko is defending himself, Princess Ida is prosecuting and the various characters from Gilbert and Sullivan's plays are the jury.

A single session freeform for around 20 players. Costuming would be appreciated, knowledge of Gilbert & Sullivan will add to the fun but is not necessary.

To pre-book characters contact Liz Waldock on lizw @ (remove the spaces around the '@').