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Phenomenon 2003 - Queen's Birthday long weekend, 6-9 June 2003 - Daramalan College, Canberra ACT


Triptychs — systemless

Living Greyhawk — D&D 3ed campaign

Camarilla — WoD LARP: 2 games!


Call of Cthulhu — D20 or classic



...and many more!


WE HAVE HAD some last-minute technical probs with the online entry form, so until they are fixed you can download PDF copies and mail them to us.

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Pheno news

12 May 03
Entry form

A Pheno 2003 entry form can be downloaded as a PDF from this site.

27 March 03
Games galore!

The first two dozen or so game blurbs are now available!

8 March 03
Game blurb guidelines

Pheno has put guidelines for game submissions on this site.

21 Feb 03
Game writers wanted!

Pheno is still looking for more games! If you have the urge to run something - a system-game, a systemless, or anything at all - get in touch with Ryan or Xole.

21 Feb 03
Organisers and helpers wanted!

Pheno is always in need of generous folks to help out - either in the lead-up, or at the Con. If you are such a saintly individual, get in touch with Ryan.