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Someone once said that there are only 10 stories in the world and 5 characters.

We explore the validity of this statement.

Story 1
Once upon a time...

Story 2
I knew she was trouble the minute she walked into my office...

Story 3
They don't advertise for killers in a newspaper...

This year's Triptychs are a collaborative effort between Mike "Larry" Larkin, Jon Naughton and Ryan d'Argeaval


D&D 3rd Ed

American Gothic Earth

"Living Death: American Gothic Earth" is part of the 3rd Edition D&D Living Death world-wide campaign game, set in a Gothic Earth of the 1890's.
Players need not have played any previous Living Death game to participate.
Characters are pre-generated and should be arranged before the start of the game.
Character generation sessions will be available at Registration and at certain times during the Convention.
(4-6 players)

Character Pre-Generation system is available from:
Craig Walker ( - 0419 220 013),
John Grierson (

The Fallen Star

Ancient legends of a star fallen to earth unite a band of brave adventurers.

A long hidden scroll points the way.

A forbidden mountain holds the key.

A Dungeons and Dragons (Third Edition) Adventure
For 5-6 10th level characters (Pre-Generated)

A game by Stuart McLaren


d20 System

"DQuell Productions: The Quellburn Chronicles" presents
"The GAMES of the DEAD: The Sealing" Part 1

"Another series of vile kidnappings! Those accursed games must be happening again! This time they will be stopped!" bellowed King Belegdring II to his Chancellor. "Get me Minmagor now. Every available soldier will be put to the task. The organizers of this foul contest will find themselves in the arena. They will know what it means to feel the wrath of the Royal Eryn Army of the Rooty Hill. We will strike them to the heart no matter how far they are under our land. NOW GO!" exploded the King. I watched in helpless silence as the Official hastily ran off to do the King's bidding.

Queen Glorfin, who had been standing quietly by, motioned to me to come forward as the King stormed out of the chambers. She whispered quietly to me, "Summon Dinwen, our Ambassador to your realm, here immediately. She will assemble an appropriate force. Stealth may succeed where brute strength will certainly fail. May the One be with us." As I left, the Queen grabbed my arm. "None must know of this, understand?" I departed quickly.

The year was Third Epoch 2001 in the Elven settlement of Annuamon, not far from my beloved home city of Quellburn.

An extract from "The travels of Andonson the Wise, follower of the One" as held in the Great Library of Quellburn, under divine protection of Lord Bishop Carlmund II, Primate of Quelland.

Another "ISAIAH 61" Game.


A One session d20 System Ongoing Adventure set in The Isle of QUELLAND on GAEA for 5-6 puzzle solving players who don't mind a good fight. Good communication skills can be helpful although a sword or bow does get the message across nicely at times. NO RULES KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED.

Role-playing: Heaps. Multi Forming: It will be there. Puzzle/Plot solving: Plenty of opportunity. Combat: How else can you kill the bad guys dummy! Poetry at ten paces?

Interested? Ring Andonson, I mean Andrew "Arch Loremaster" Carter, on (02) 96259613 before 9.00 p.m. and look at our Website. DOWNLOAD CHARACTER & GAME INFO EARLY


Living Greyhawk

Promises To Keep

By Mark Somers & Adam Reeve

A letter from a well regarded benefactor leads to a rescue mission in the Yatil Mountains. Can a national hero be exposed as the villain that he is, and can justice be done?

A two-session Tier 2 adventure for Living Greyhawk characters level 3 to 6. This is the sequel to The Voormann's Daughter, so you'd best play that first.

Characters must already be created to play this game. For those who are new to Living Greyhawk, it is advised to Adventure In Perrenland first.

Adventure In Perrenland!

The Living Greyhawk Back Catalogue

Come and play the Perrenland games you may have missed in the ever growing Living Greyhawk campaign. Fill in the blanks in your log sheets or just try a game or two for the heck of it. Listed below are the modules, in suggested chronological order.

  • Varday is for starting brand new characters
  • Hunt for pork and avenge murder in Pig Tales
  • Potter about in Pots Of Knowledge
  • Foil some rustlers in Chasing The Ox
  • Is it really love for The Voormann's Daughter
  • Risk learning the truth of Vortrote's Legacy
  • Get down and dirty in Swamp Things

Characters must already be created using the Living Greyhawk rules. Contact Karl for instructions.


GURPS fantasy

From The End Of A Sword

The Guerilla Ontologists

"We've got another mission. There's a village..."
"Being attacked by fell beasts?"
"No. The village..."
"Is being ravaged by a pack of demon bandits?"
"No! Now quiet. The village of Tecton is..."
"Having a problem wi..."
"Shut up! they've having an election."
"There's something funny going on."
"Oh, good. I don't like politics."

A GURPS Fantasy adventure for 4-6 young agents of the King. Knowledge of the previous adventures in the Pandora's series is not necessary but makes for more fun.



Fear the Future

"Quote from Homer or Keats or somebody to show this is really a tasteful game. Why are you laughing? Oh forget it then."
Hugh Fisher

It is the last day of the 99th year of The Computer. The planets are in alignment. Mutations are at an all time high. The High Programmers are rumoured to be conspiring with aliens who want to colonise the planet. And there are these other aliens who want to build a hyperspatial express route...

Look, it's Paranoia. Pre-crash, or possibly post-post-crash. 2nd or 5th edition rules, but you don't need to know that. No adult themes, kinda remarkable considering all the death and destruction that goes on in a typical session. Characterisation frequently does happen. A high energy single session of silliness for 4 to 6 players, by Hugh Fisher



Suicide Note

Tortured souls wonder

The earth

Looking for meaning

True meaning is to be found

Why are we here

Evasive in our journey

Out of focus

Unable to see

Our life ahead

Unstable the consciousness

Bet we call it life

A 5 player systemless game by Ben Hunter
For people who are willing to ride their Conscious
M+ rating containing adult themes

Unkel Koni blurb

A single session systemless for 5 child soldiers by Antti

Text Version


World of Darkness

Jerusalem. December 2000
What meaning has Love?
What meaning has Redemption?
What meaning has God?

Keeping the Faith

A 4 player single session game by Ingrid Bean.
Set in my version of the White Wolf universe.

Rules Knowledge:0
Genre Knowledge:1
Adult Content:R

Contains sex, violence, religion and adult themes.

The Orphans' Court

Mark Bruckard

On the outskirts of Tamworth, on the edge of childhood, in a pleasant rural setting, in the realm of the imagination, lies the grounds of the Wordsworth boarding school, therein sits a fay court under a noble king. The school is over fifty years old, the newly formatted court, with a facade of sandstone lies trapped within deceit and antique wrought iron and a fence of cold iron. Experienced teachers and professionals, monsters both banal and fantastic run the school efficiently, besiege the court and maintain a friendly happy atmosphere for the children, seeking to spread evil and death to all its kith.

A systemless Changeling style game for five players who remember the magic of youth.



ILIAD 2020

After 10 weeks of bitter corporate warfare, the datawalls of of TroyCorp remain unbreached. The Hellans grow weary. The Trojans are still smug. The Godcorps look down and meddle.

A freeform for 20 testosterone-poisoned Hellen and Trojan cyber-heroes of both sexes.

This is an Unshelled Turtle production. More info? Contact Xole at Even more info? Read Homer and watch Akira.

The time: The near future
The place: Hollywood
The location:A studio production office

"Hi Tony. I just called to find out how things are going in the ballroom. Any problems?...I'm sorry. Could you repeat that? Orson Welles says he wants to do what?...No! That's perfectly ridiculous and you can tell him I said so. Anything else?...I see. No, you did the right thing. Just tell Lisa that Miss Monroe is not to be allowed any sleeping pills no matter what she says. Oh, and while we're on the subject, you can tell Mr Dean that I have his car keys and he's not getting them back. What else?...A wedding?! At this time of night?!...Okay. Leave it with me and I'll see what I can do...Right, Tony. If that's all, I'll...Hold on. What's that ruckus I can hear in the background?...John Wayne just called Rock Hudson a what?!?"

In the near future, mankind will have mastered the science of time travel. To what end will this miraculous technology be put? to unravel the greatest mysteries of the past? No. To help build a better future that will benefit all of humanity? No. To make the ultimate motion picture? Maybe.

Join the greatest actors of all history as they vie for a role in the greatest movie ever made. One thing is for certain. This is going to be...

Bigger Than Ben-Hur

A freeform for 30 players

by James Walker and Eric Henry

Welcoming Chaos

"I had come to the place where the ghosts play at being ghosts, where the omens, portents, signs, and animate desires thread the nightly avenues and palace high halls of Amber in the sky, Tir-na Nog-th..."
Prince Corwin of Amber, Sign of the Unicorn

King Merlin of the Courts of Chaos is making his first official visit to Amber since his coronation. The royal family of Amber is preparing to welcome King Merlin and his entourage. This will be an opportunity to further the personal ambitions of the nobility in attendance, and to continue the alliance between these two great realms that were once enemies...

As if in anticipation of this gathering, the mysterious city of moonlight and dreams, Tir-na Nog'th, has awoken, flaring brilliantly in the night sky... ghosts from the royal family's past are haunting the halls of Castle Amber... the power behind the corridor of mirrors beckons with omens and portents... the sister city of Rebma has been stolen from beneath the waves... and Castle Amber itself, after millennia of dormancy, is starting to show signs of sentience...

All dark portents, perhaps warning of the danger to the meeting of Amber and Chaos nobility...

A one session freeform for thirty players
Based on the Amber Chronicles by Roger Zelazny
Knowledge of the books useful but not necessary
To book a character, gain costuming tips, or ask questions,
please e-mail Mike on
A Pegasus Unlimited Production

An Evening with Honor

Barbara Kearins

You are cordially invited to a reception for Steadholder
Countess Honor Harrington

...the invitation sits there in front of you. Squeezed in between assignments is this something you really want to go to? Is this something you really want to miss? There's a lot going on in Manticore lately and everyone who's anyone in the sector will be there.

A Freeform for 15 to 20 people. Email enquiries welcome:

An Evening with Honor follows on from Q-Ship. We recommend that you play both.


Bridge Crew and Dawn Patrol

I'll be back for breakfast
A one session Dawn Patrol event
by Wes Nicholson

An all in dogfight where the only people who matter are you and your wingman. All pilots fly as Aces, no matter their actual record.

This will be the final round of the 2001 Australian Dawn Patrol Championships

Any questions, contact


Barbara Kearins


Come and fight for Queen and Country just like Honor Harrington

The Peoples Republic must be stopped

They started it - but we need you to finish it

Guaranteed Promotion for Merchant Marine. Please contact nearest recruitment office or

Q-Ship is a Bridge Crew scenario for 5 players set in the Honor Harrington Universe. Email enquiries welcome:


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