Pheno 2023 Freeforms

The Tribunal of Scattered Seas

Character list

Costuming Disclaimer: Costuming ideas will almost always refer to robes, and if you have robes, bring them! Robes are great! But if you don’t have real life robes, that is fine, dressing in the colours described will also work, and scarves are also wonderful for adding drapery and layers to a costume look!

Character Gender: Characters are offered in a masculine/feminine binary, but gender diversity has existed since the dawn of time, so we will have they/them pronoun (and blank pronoun) stickers to overlay on the badges for either name you choose.

Durenmar Covenant, in the Black Forest – Germany

Brigitta / Berthold
House Bonisagus – A mature mage who is a revered authority and Leader of the Duerenmar Covenant.
Costuming: Robes of red or blue with accents and accessories of gold. Keys and key symbology.

Elek / Elka
House Tremere – A canny legislator and trusted consultant to other Covenants.
Costuming: Robes of darker, subdued colours (blacks, deep browns, blues or purples), silver accessories. Scroll-cases or notebooks.

Priska / Pieter
House Mercere – The loyal messenger of the Durenmar covenant, a rare gifted Mercere.
Costuming: Neutral colours, with accents of brown leather and Red. They wear pants! You can’t deliver messages quickly in Robes!

Montverte Covenant, in the Saint Mont Michel Citadel – France

Marcel / Marinette
House Jerbiton – A sorcerous virtuoso, they have dazzled tribunals with their expert blending of music and magic. They are the leader of the Montverte delegation.
Costuming: Fine robes of white and pastels (pale blues, purples and soft yellows). Jewelled accessories. A wand or even a sceptre would be appropriate.

Sévérine / Sébastien
House Tytalus – An ambitious young mage, who speaks above their station, but has gained favour with powerful patrons.
Costuming: Black robes with dark red or dark green accents. Black leather accessories and a face of well rehearsed politeness.

Yanick / Yveline
House Flambeau – Wizened by their considerable years, this famed wizard-general is the oldest in the room by far. Rumour has it that the flame of war has now died down to smouldering embers.
Costuming: Brown or grey robes with accents of red orange or yellow. A walking stick (or staff) and a fondness for Chess.

Three Lakes Covenant, in Veliky - Novgorod

Anastazja / Andrzej
House Bjornaer – A powerful beast mage, the informal leader of the Three Lakes Covenant, but they have little desire for politics.
Costuming: Brown or flaxen robes with accents of fur, feathers or bone. Carries a totem of wood as a keepsake from their homelands.

Wojciech / Wanda
House Criamon – A mystic of “the Enigma” and often considered a mad prophet. Deciphering which is fate and which is rambling can be tricky however.
Costuming: Visible facial tattoos of interlocking patterns. Unkempt black or grey robes.

Kazimiera / Kazimier
House Merinta – A faery mage and perhaps the most socially adept of the Three Lakes Covenant, but that is a low bar...
Costuming: Rustic robes but of vibrant colours (greens, purples, blues) with accessories of wood. They carry ‘faery currency’ of twigs, buttons, and other medieval trash.

Not in attendance...

Xylinites Covenant, in Constantinople – Byzantine Empire

Constantinople has been sacked, its Magi are scattered, lost or dead.

House Guernicus – A stern but fair Quaesitor, she has ruled a few too many disagreeable trials to be sorely missed.

House Veriditus – Beloved by most, he was a kindly Magus who was a valued source of Materia used to forge enchanted items.

House Ex Miscellanea – A surly maga who was rumoured to have been forced to join the Order from her Hedge Witch beginnings. She had few friends, but commanded respect.