Pheno 2023 Freeforms

Lights Out!

Character list

Freddie Wright – Air Raid Warden

Toby Millar – Neatly dressed and out for a night on the town with his ladyfriend

Ophelia Edmondson – Dancehall Girl out with her young man

Kitty (Katherine) Watts – A charismatic but sad looking Girl Guide

Em (Emily) Poole – A very business like Girl Guide

Vicky (Victoria) Pendleton – A dreamy and distracted Girl Guide

Art (Arthur) Fitzwilliam 5th Baron of Hyfern Forest – A well dressed young man with the title of Baron

Tommy Simpson – A scruffy Lorry Driver

Major Jessica Allen – The neatly dressed Army Major

Sgt Edward (Eddie or Ed) Cummings – An Airforce Pilot on leave

Tessie Dew – A Nurse on a night out

Maeve O'Donnell – Housewife and Aunt of Kitty Watts

Badger O'Donnell – Retired Electrician and Uncle of Kitty Watts

Bev Burton – Housewife who looks quite worn out

Titch – A scruffy looking teenager

Hilary Carrington-Jones – The famous and well dressed Private Detective

Senior Sargeant Shane Kennard – Senior Police Officer

Constable John (Jonny) – Jones Junior Constable

Hon. William Richardson – A well known Politician

Reverend Tobias Green – The respected Reverend, Church of England