Phenomenon 2018

The Herald Speaks

King Morph requests your presence for Phenomenon 2018, a roleplaying convention to be held on the long weekend of 28th September to the 1st of October at Daramalan College

King Morph's Heralds endeavour to keep you up to date with news relevant to the convention both here and on our Facebook page. Keep an eye on this space for unexpected cancellations, additions or swift, sleight of hand game changes.

BREAKING NEWS * Morph gets it wrong! * BREAKING NEWS

King Morph apologies most absolutely to Gavin for suggesting that his game, "Destination Mongo!", was cancelled. It isn't, and never was.
The King's Knights are now out scouring the land looking for the ne'er-do-well who spread this viscious rumour to bring them to justice!
Yep, they're out scouring the countryside. Which is why I'm hiding here under the drawbridge...

NEWS * Game Cancellation * NEWS

We have had a few game cancellations. The games “The Main Event” by Nick Matthews and David McKie, "How much for the Planet?" by Michael Fennec and "Dantalion's Daughter" by Steve Dee are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.
We look forward to seeing the next glorious thing they present to us at a later date.


It feel like a long time between coronations, but we have some game updates, as well as Banquet and Merchandise information for you!
For detailed information see the relevant pages on this website, but in summary we have information about this year's Friday night Panel, new caterers for the Banquet, T-Shirts and Team Badges to sell! Follow the links for more Information:

Web Site now live

You can see what royal events Morph has in store for you.

Game Information

Information on the games is now available.


King Morph is currently seeking Knights of the Red Sash to assist at the Phenomenon Convention 2018. If you are interested please contact us through or please contact an org.