Freeforms, also known as Live Action Roleplays (or LARPs), are sometimes referred to as the 'Jock' of roleplaying.

Big Cheese: Geek Edition

By Jeremy Broom and Alexi Kenney

Join us for a night of nerdy reality TV at its most intense. If you like interpersonal drama, escapism that hits a little close to home, and clear winners and losers, then this is the game for you.

Fifteen outcasts return to the screen to try to get rich, get famous, get justice or die trying.

After the tragic death of the nation's favourite contestant, some said this quirky reality TV show was dead. Not so, Big Cheese is back for a one-off special that will change the face of television forever. All your favourite geeks will be back and the stakes have never been higher, with one million dollars on the line. Who will be the Big Cheese?

Single session live action role playing game for fifteen people involving interpersonal drama, competition, cooperation and fun.

What's the game again?A 15 player game of reality TV
Genre/SettingModern day
Movie RatingM


'Hotel California' or Five Adventurers walk into a Bar

by Jon Lowe

The Humble Tavern, the centre of most small communities, the place of gossip and friendship. The place to relax and unwind after a long day at work. The place to meet others, to drink, to play, to find comfort, or to rest. Some use the tavern as a place to conduct business, others to meet contacts, and indeed, some just use it as a waypoint on the way to their destination.

So many stories can be found in your local. So many people, and everyone has their own. Perhaps you too would like to add to the tales of the world, or maybe just listen to others more worldly as they share their stories. Or, you might just want a drink, it may have just been one of those days.

So, stay a while, and listen. Even if you are just passing through. Remember, the journey is not just the destination.

What's the game again?High Fantasy, with a mix of species to give it a bit of flavour
Genre/SettingIt always starts in a bar...
Movie ratingPG


In Remembrance of the King - A Taverns and Temples freeform

by Mark Bruckard and David James

Four weeks ago King John De Swan joyfully announced the Queen’s pregnancy to his people, naming the unborn child his heir, only to be openly assassinated by his brother Duke William De Swan. In the melee that followed the evil Duke revealed himself to be a necromancer of considerable power, but was forced to flee the city through the actions of the city’s heroes.

Messengers were dispatched to summon the rulers and nobles of the many lands and races of the known world to the great city of Waythorpe in order to attend the funeral and wake of the King and to show him the respect he had earned in life.

It is the night before the funeral is to take place, and all who could make the journey have arrived. It is a solemn event, but all who have attended realise that the opportunity it represents to make deals, secure allies and carry out long awaited vengeance is too good to turn down.


“In Remembrance of the King” is a single session freeform based in the Taverns and Temples universe created by Mark Bruckard and David James. Taverns and Temples is an ongoing monthly freeform in Canberra, and players of that freeform are welcome to either play their original characters in this freeform or take one of the many others on offer. (Please let us know when you book which you intend to do.)

New players to the game will be able to choose from characters that make up the major personalities in the world - Queens, Kings, Ambassadors, Leaders of Guilds, Heads of Temples and the odd Tavern Keeper. Probably very odd.

What's the game again?A freeform for up to 25 players based in a magical realm of Mages, Avatars, Elves, Dwarves, Barbarians, Beastfolk, and even the odd Human.
SeriousnessMiddle of the road - it is a wake after all, but humour never goes astray
Genre/SettingHigh Fantasy
SystemTaverns and Temples - see this website for details:
No previous knowledge of this very simple system is required.
Movie ratingMA



by Mike Walker and Dan Connor

"I can feel them, Buffy. All over. Slayers are awakening everywhere."
Willow, from "Chosen", Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season Seven, Episode 22

Vampire Slayers wage their eternal war against the forces of darkness, in cities across the globe…

Teams of heroes and assistants gather behind each Slayer in support; Watchers, champions, witches, even reformed demons…

Working together, each team has prevented many Apocalypses, (uh Apocalypti, um… never mind…)

Vigil is the organisation coordinating their efforts. And once a year, Vigil invites different teams to take part in their annual convention hosted in a relocating castle.


An opportunity to reunite with each other, learn from each other, and to forge new bonds.

And, this year, a new apocalyptic threat looms…

A freeform for 30 players, or six teams of five players each
Teams of 5 are from: Athens, Canberra, London, San Francisco, Tokyo and Vigil
Character Selection available one week before the con
Any questions, please contact
A Character list can be seen at: THIS LINK
Based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series
Using a lite version of BtVS RPG

What's the game again?Buffy the Vampire Slayer Freeform
SeriousnessBe serious but have fun with it
Genre/SettingSupernatural Drama
SystemUses a lite version of BtVS RPG
Movie ratingMA


Tragedia Rusticana

by Joe McNamara

The Year of Our Lord 1242, Europe under the Shadow; The blood-drinking Lasombra family have ruled the Tuscan hills since before the fall of Rome. The cold, dead hand of the Prince lies heavy on your shoulder, and you know no way to dislodge it.

Dozens of little theatre companies roam the hills, taking people out of their lives for a few hours a night. And, if a few people disappear after every performance, or wake up the next evening pale and bloodless, people know better than to ask questions.

Put on your costume or your best clothes, powder your face, hide the love and hate lurking inside you. They say art can move even the deadest heart. If we are all to survive the night, you had better pray that’s true.

A 14-player Vampire: the Dark Ages freeform about art, love, murder and the Devil.

Additional content by Ruggero Leoncavallo and Peter Johnston

What's the game again?What’s this game again? Dark-fantasy-blood-opera, for a troupe of travelling actors and their audience. Note that some PCs are actors and may therefore be required to perform.
Genre/SettingVampire: the Dark Ages
SystemMind’s Eye Theatre, but system/setting knowledge is not necessary.
Movie ratingM


Tranquillity Springs

by Ryan d'Argeavel

400 km from Alice Springs in the middle of the Simpson desert, under a tin shed that leans to the left, warm, red, muddy water bubbles up from the ground. Tranquillity springs. The town of that name, once a watering stop for uncaring or adventurous cattlemen, now serves a different itinerate population. The mine, 25km to the north, was designed to run 24/7 and has done for three years. But the mine has gone quiet. At the town's other watering hole, The John and Henry, where miners and farmers, engineers and scientists, locals and ringers rubbed shoulders, Mayor Bailey has called a meeting to outline the future of Tranquillity Springs.

20 km south of the springs, under a thin yellow tent with no floor, lies a body. Warm, red, muddy water snakes out of the tent into the late afternoon sun, as Sergeant Reid and Constable Harris complete their investigation.

What's the game again?A 25 player freeform in a remote outback settlement with an unusual past, an unstable present and an unsecured future.
SeriousnessEverything's serious when you live in the middle of a desert...
Genre/SettingModern Day
Movie ratingMature themes, adult content.


Unions and Intersections

by Random

Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of the late Jamie Alex McLeod will be offered at the Joyce Chapel, Fawkner Memorial Park, Sydney Rd, Fawkner on THURSDAY (Sept 27, 2007) at 2:30pm.

In lieu of flowers, donations to Beyondblue would be appreciated. Envelopes available at time of service

For character info please Click Here

What's the game again?A solemn occasion for 24 family, friends and work mates.
Genre/SettingModern Day
Movie rating18+ (No one under the age of 18 permitted without the explicit permission of Parents/Guardians)