Random Inc presents a Phenomenon Labs games convention

Phenomenon 2013

Phenomenon 2013

Roleplaying games

Phenomenon 2013 offers many different kinds of parties:

The schedule

Have a look at The schedule!

New Designers

Each year Pheno is proud to encourage writers who are new to writing for Cons to give it a go.

At the end of Pheno the players of new designers' games will be asked to vote for the new writer whose game was the best, and the winner of this will receive a trophy and widespread adulation!

New designers' games are marked with the New Designer Star: new designer star

Game ratings

Pheno uses a rating system for games to help you choose games, and to help you anticipate what the GM is looking for in a game.

Games are rated from 1 (little or none) to 5 (really important) on the following: 

System vs Systemless

Some games are described as system-based (which often means 'a published system'). The blurb should tell you which system/setting each of these games is using.

Other games are systemless. This most often means they will be run using a 'home-brew system' cooked up by the writer. The rest are probably steering close to GM fiat, or improv theatre.

Showcase: The Triptych and the Diptych

Each year Pheno invites respected designers to present bespoke single-session games: a set of three more serious games (the Triptych) and a pair of lighter, more humorous games (the Diptych).

These games have tended to be systemless (emphasising characterisation and drama over rules use and tactical simulation), and showcase what we consider the best of Pheno roleplaying: characterisation, genre, entertainment, innovation.

The Triptych and Diptych games are all for 5 players.

The Triptych

The Diptych



Freeforms are big games for 15–30 players (or rarely, and insanely, more...) players, whose characters are collected in some kind of social gathering in which they interact, intrigue and politic with each other.


Team (tabletop) games

Team games (or tabletops) are the traditional form of roleplaying, for groups/teams of about 5 players with generally one GM. There will be character sheets; there may be dice.




Other games