Random Inc presents a Phenomenon Labs games convention

Phenomenon crew & writers

Here's a big shout out to the organisers and writers of Phenopalooza 2011 games and activities!

Buy them lots of drinks at post-Con drinkies.


President — Righteous Ryan d'Argeavel

Secretarial Duet — The Bodacious Ingrid Bean and Sweetly Sarah Hall

Treasurer — Mark Tha Professa Ashcroft

And the Band: — On bass, Uncle Wes Nicholson, on keyboards, Shane Duck Donohoe, on percussion and kazoo, Duke Anestis Kozakis, and on rhythm, Wes Nicholson (no relation)

PIT (Pheno Information Technology) Crew — Elissa Black Flag Feit, Shane Duck Donohoe (no relation), Justin Crazy Hands Deutsch

Website Designer — Gibbering Andrew Smith

Game writers

A big shout out to these fine, fine humans.


Ingrid Bean and Shane Donohoe

The Wii Ingrid Bean and Shane Donohoe is a Wii accessory that allows the play of fine Triptychs like The Sacrifice of Immortality. It can also break concrete. Game: The Sacrifice of Immortality

James Riley and Terence Janssen

Imprisoned in a world they never built for a crime they did not commit, James and Terence have never actually met. They are not actually game writers: they never lived through the events you will experience in their shockingly fact-free narrative. Game: Project Legacy

Jacinta Thomler and Stuart Barrow

Jacinta-Thomler-Stuart-Barrow is a Top 200 Legal Firm that was founded in 1834. It specialises in inheritance matters and copyright, and currently holds the record for the longest running court case, some 5,020 years (Ra-Harakhte v Scorpion King). Game: Eternal Companions

The latest sound in writers new designer star

Narayan Bajpe

Narayan has attended two Phenomena and is really into story games. He is a big fan of the World of Darkness fiction and has run an ongoing Werewolf: the Forsaken game since 2007, converting it to Solar System after becoming disillusioned with the original system. He prefers games where the mechanics encourage and support player creativity and not even the GM knows what's going to happen. Game: Mad (DEMON) Men

Jason Chappel and Penny Sullivan

Jason Chappel and Penny Sullivan are not vampires and do not require staking. You are perfectly safe and may put down that garlic and those crucifixen! They will not count your poppy seeds at sunrise. They do not turn into bats. Often. Or at least, while people are watching. Game: The Fine Art of Politics

Michael Christie

Dr Michael Christie is Professor of Procrastinated Palaeontology at the University of Arkham. He is credited with the discovery of phenopaloozasaurus, a fossil notorious for only having been buried in 2011. Game: The Beta Test

Anestis Kozakis

I am a novice game writer/designer and this is my second solo game. My first, “The Choices We Make”, debuted at Arcanacon 2008 in Melbourne. I have previously co-written games with Doyle (Ship of Fools, Fate of Fools, etc), and between 2000 and 2008 I have run and organised RPGA games (Living Greyhawk, Living Dragonstar, Living Arcanis, and Living Force). Fictional genres that I love are Noir, Pulp, Steampunk, SF, and Fantasy (Medieval and Modern). Game: One Last Job

Mark Kramarzewski

Mark Kramarzewski has GMed for many years, usually running campaigns, first with various incarnations of D&D and now with GURPS. He has run tabletop con games in the past and has helped run and write the A Colder War series, first in Sydney and recently in Canberra. Game: The Community

Classic writers

Stuart Barrow and Barbara Kearins

Stuart and Barbara is a subgenre of science fantasy that features rousing adventure stories set on other planets, and usually featuring Earthmen as protagonists. Game: Up-time Girl

Simon Boot and Alicia Cameron

Boot-Cameron is a municipality in the Morffendorff District of Phenonberg, Germany. It was formed by the amalgamation of the Grand Duchy of Boot with the Princess-Bishopric of Cameron, brought about by Goethe's observation that the mutual detestation of the realms' ruling families was their greatest treasure. It seemed pragmatic to ensure that this inheritance should be protected. Game: Tales from the City: Exogenesis

Mik Bonsall

Also known as the Sorrow of the Haystacks and Barns, Mik Bonsall was a renegade Trannsylvanian voivode who escaped execution by the Turks to live a furtive life as a highwayman and glam rock balladeer. He also invented the angora chihuahua. Game: Willowbark

Marissa Harris

Marissa has been running freeforms, multiforms and tabletops for around 10 years now, including Twilight Dreams Changeling and Cthulhupunk London. Due to the desire to prove that you can successfully incorporate 8 foot tall monster costumes into a game, she has this year dragged Stacy Payne, Chris Ritchie, Rebecca Plush, Evangelos Paliatseas, Michael Christie and Mark Bruckard into forming a vast writing, running and technical support team to hopefully provide a game with a difference (or at the very least with many props!). Game: Southern Gothic

Michael Hitchens

Michael has been attending roleplaying conventions for over twenty years and writing for them for almost as long (ouch). He has written 18 convention modules, including Tender Prey (Sydcon 1993), Dead but Dreaming (Necronomicon 1994), The Rain like Dust (Sydcon 1996), The Loyalty of Men (SAGA 1994 and Necronomicon 1998), Bridge of Dawn (Phenomenon 1994 and Macquariecon 1995), Silver, Tears and Ashes (Phenomenon 1999) and You are #4, I am #6 (a Triptych at Phenomenon 2000). After a break from conventions he returned to help GM one of the Triptychs in 2007, wrote Am I Here for Phenomenon in 2008 and in 2010 wrote Floodland as a Triptych. Game: Sometimes

Travis Hall

Travis started writing games for conventions in Brisbane in 1998, after having been involved with the organisational side for several years. That was the same year he started travelling regularly to conventions in Melbourne and Canberra. In 2001, he brought his first freeform to Arcanacon in Melbourne, and has continued to run freeforms there sporadically ever since. This became easier to do when he moved to Melbourne a few years ago. He has recently started writing tabletop(-ish) games again, something he had never done for any convention outside of Brisbane until last year. This has nothing to do with also becoming a con org for Arcanacon... or so he claims. Easily recognised by his beard and lack of shoes, although sometimes Canberra winters get the better of even his feet. Game: Shedding Silver Tears

Philippa and John Hughes

Pip Hughes has seen two ghosts, neither in any way frightening: one a childhood acquaintance and the other a farewell from an old and dear friend. She speaks with goddesses, plays with ghostly cats and is not afraid of the dark.

John Hughes lives in a life of ghosts. He has seen visions, he has wrestled with demons. Never a believer, he nonetheless writes serious yet furtive notes to himself railing that someone should do something about all those dead wet chicks.

Both have been involved in Australian convention roleplaying so long they can only be summoned by séance.

Game: Gaze

Stephen Justice

Hither came Stephen the Cimmerian, black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his sandalled feet. Game: A Feast of Kobolds

Rod Kearins

Rod Kearins is a play by the Spanish playwright, Rodriguez de Morphico Varaga Banana del Kearinzo y Vega. First published in Madrid in 1619, the play is believed to have been written between 1612 and 1614. The play is based upon an actual but unbelievable historical incident that took place in the village of Fuenopalusa in Castile in 1476. Game: Time Patrol!

Robbie and Stephanie Matthews

The Astounding Robbie and Equally Astrounding Stephanie are a Las Vegas theatric prestidigitation duo. Their act ranges from the surreal to the sublime, and is inexplicably popular in Japan, where they endorse products ranging from squid-ink flavoured icecream to miniature SUVs. Game: Jusenkyo or Bust!

Joe McNamara

In a 1924 article, musicologist Howard Ponsonby suggested that the cough-syrup addled performer Miss Morph heard played the song with extreme rubato, causing her to mistake the time signature of the piece for common time (4/4) rather than 3/4. However, adjusting the time signature causes the tune to summon Azathoth, which seldom ends well. Game: Ravenloft: Holy Land

Fi McConachie

According to Tibetan Shamanism (Bön), Fi McConachie is the natural, primordial state or natural condition of the mind, and a body of teachings and meditation practices aimed at realizing that condition. Game: Min Min

Evan Paliatseas

Evan Paliatseas is a trick-taking card game originating among linoleum manufacturers in the 18th Century. A standard 52 card pack is used, minus the twos and one-eyed jacks. The cards in each suit rank thusly: J K 8 7 6 Q 9 5 A 4 3 10. Players cut or draw cards to determine partners, with the two highest playing against the lowest two, who have swearing rights. The players then lie about how drunk they are for deal. It is strictly against the rules to comment on the cards in any way, but opponents are open game. Game: Crisis of Infinite Batman

Stacy L Payne

Stacy L Payne is a novel for older children published in 1919 by the American author Stacy L Payne. It opens in 1781 with news of Lord Cornwallis’ surrender to George Washington as it reaches the Carrick, Bradin, and Duvernay families, pioneers who live near Fort Pitt. The protagonist, Daffodil, runs away to Phenopalooza and runs a game. Game: Ordinary Vanity


Random is the language of the Rand people of Morovia. Its simple grammar and small phoneme set make it one of the more difficult languages to learn: every syllable may have up to twenty meanings depending on context and how many tax gatherers there are in the vicinity. Games: A Darkened World, What does this button do?

Jason Ryan

The Battle of Jason Ryan was fought in AD211 between the amphibian expeditionary forces of General Koo Koo and the Leftward Tendency Army of Pheh Noh. It is not to be confused with the Second Battle of Jason Ryan, which was fought between a cranky adolescent mandrill and his shadow. Game: Budapest by Blimp

Greg Tannahil

Greg is the writer of last year's fully-subscribed con-artist romp The Heist, and has run games at conventions around Australia including Blue Charlie and The Island. His game this year, Every Body Else, is a moving story of friendship, communication and zombies. He blogs on game design at Among The Dust (amongthedust.blogspot.com) and writes about D&D4E at his website Eleven Foot Pole (elevenfootpole.blogspot.com).