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Proof that there is life after roleplaying. If you're looking for a slightly different challenge, or a slightly different thrill, look no further.

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Organised by Bernard Philbrick

What is Diplomacy? It’s a diceless board-game for 7 players who each take control of one of the Great European Powers at the beginning of the 20th Century. Your aim is to take control of Europe, through capturing 18 strategic provinces called Supply Centres. Sounds simple, right?

The beauty of Diplomacy lies in the fact that all movements of pieces are simultaneous; all orders of all players are executed at the same time on each turn. Whose moves succeed and whose fail are easily determined by the simple rules.

Crowning all this is the fact that any player is lost without allies. The most important part of the game is negotiations which occur before each move; negotiations which establish alliances, elaborate war plans, and backstabs.

Turning on your ally is all part of the game. All's fair in love and war, and in Diplomacy, one is often a mask for the other.

The final outcome of a game of Diplomacy is always the responsibility — for better or worse — of each player. Diplomacy offers a totally chanceless competition of wits and wiles.

How about it? Do you have what it takes to rule the world?


Professor Munchausen

Moderated by Her Supreme Magnificence, HRH Liz Waldock

"...but as you all know, that particular model of Professor Overcanine's gravity-defying boots are prone to malfunctions about the left heel, so when the Venusian slave-driver struck at me with his electric whip, it caused the boot to short-circuit. Fortunately for me, I was wearing my patented rubber socks, and thus the charge flowed back to the slave-driver through his whip, delivering an electric shock that felled him like a Mercurian shiver tree. And with him lying insensate on the dusty Venusian soil, I was able to rescue my lovely assistant from the slave pens and retreat to the safety of my atomic dirigible. Unfortunately, I had forgotten about the space gerbils we picked up on Io, and by this time they had chewed through so much wiring that the ship was grounded. Thus we turned our sights back to the great Venusian palace, for I would have to return and seduce the Queen in order to get the parts we required..."

Bring your trusty robot manservants, your faithful clockwork steeds, and ensure your buckles are well swashed – the Munchausen Tournament continues at Phenomenon with more unbelievable tales of totally true events.

Professor Munchausen is a story-telling game for as many players as are willing, involving the relation of tall tales to a faintly incredulous audience. Audience members (ie those not brave enough to tell stories) are always welcome.

Pheno ratings
Characterisation 3 Genre 1 Rules knowledge 1
Story/plot 4-5 Seriousness 1 Adult content G