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Organiser – Wes Nicholson

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The RPGA Asia Pacific Branch brings you a smorgasbord of Living D20 games:


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Scheduling note

Living D20 games run on a slightly different schedule to other games.

The Living D20 games run for longer than the standard Pheno 3 hour time slot. To provide as much game time as possible, while still making it possible for people to play both LD20 and non-LD20 games, the LD20 games will run to the following schedule:

Morning: 9am to 1pm
Afternoon: 2pm to 6pm
Evening: 7pm to 11:30pm

There will be 7 sessions of Living D20 during Pheno, including a session on Friday night.

Character Creation

One of the truly neat things about Living D20 games is that you create your own character to play these games, and can play the same character in multiple games over many Cons, building experience as you go — just as if you were playing your character in a regular campaign!

Character creation rules can be found at — just follow the links there to whichever campaign you're interested in. Alternatively, you can go to and look there, but the site can be a bit tricky to find stuff on.

A Horse of a Different Colour

by Tiffany Chamberlain

It's amost time for Perrenland's most famous horserace — The Krestible Cup — however something has gone wrong. The Rosrijder entrant (and current favourite) has been stolen and it is up to the PCs to recover the stolen horse before the race turns into an inter-clan scandal.

An introductory Greyhawk adventure suited for player character levels 1 or 2.


Battles in the Yatils

by Wes Nicholson

A force of evil is on the march from the southern Yatils to the ruined ur Flan city of Kir Russ. Nobody knows why they are heading there, but it can't be a good thing for Perrenland or the Flanaes for them to succeed. With all that's going on in our neighbouring countries, few troops can be spared to stop the advance of this force. Which means it's up to some stupid brave adventurers to do the job.

A one round Greyhawk adventure for character levels 1 to 15.


Brother Mine

by Dean Bailey

The Church of Zilchus has gained the mining rights to the old played out goldmine near the town of Schwunglestad. Convinced that the mine still holds riches, they have hired Trennan Burken-Vosser, a geologist to investigate its potential. But going into a deep, dark hole can be dangerous. What he really needs is a group of brave adventures to act as bodyguards.

A Greyhawk adventure suitable for player characters Levels 1-13.


Duke of the Dust

by Paul Looby (COR 4-06)

The fertile fields of Tenh are no more. The fate of the Tenha people hangs in the balance. Can they survive to reclaim their birthright or will they be scattered forever like wind-blown dust?

Part 1 of the Children of the Dust trilogy. A Greyhawk adventure for character levels 1 to 11.


Madness Falls

by Jeffrey A. Dobberpuhl (IUZ 4-02)

A search for a missing judge leads to dark dangers. An Iuz Meta-Regional Greyhawk adventure for brave characters, levels 5 to 15. Part 1 of the Purification Cycle.


Sepia Follies

organised by Bruce Legge

Last year the town of Schwunglestad was established in the Sepia Uplands.

So how is it doing one year on? Why not pop by for a visit and see your friends at the Skiing Ogre Lodge or the Home for Retired Animal Companions. I'm sure the friendly folk of the Sepia will be most welcoming, including that new chap. What was his name again? Something beginning with 'I'?

A Living Greyhawk Interactive adventure for character levels 1 to 11.


Green Regent: Rat's Bastard


For many tendays rumours have persisted that some of Hark's brood have infiltrated the City of Grottos. After the underground attack on the High Lord's son, many believe that wererats were left behind, to strike when the folks of Loudwater least expect. Now the civic-minded are on the lookout for rats, and everyone knows that the docks are the best place to find them.

Rat's Bastard is a Living game set in the Forgotten Realms. It is optimized for 4th-level characters.



by Phil Thompson

The price was high, but the sacrifices of so many must not be in vain. The Rimward Barrens Legionary goes on the offensive to take back what was once theirs, and from all across the Outlands the call is sent for heroes to carry the day. Lock and Load!

A Living Dragonstar adventure for characters levels 1-6, and a maximum level cap of 8.


Sword of a Different Mettle

by Charles Skidmore (LASP2-09)

It's easy to render aid to the kind and just of the world, or the downtrodden and weak. How should we feel about helping those who may not fit any of those molds? The truest test of a man is his actions, because not all swords are forged from the same steel.

A Living Arcanis adventure for characters 1st to 11th level. Characters not with this level range may not be played in this adventure.


The Way of the Force

by Ron Heintz

Lanius Qel-Bertok sends the heroes on a mission to gather some materials important to one of the upcoming Jedi Trials. However, all is not what it seems; how you pursue a thing is sometimes just as important as finding it.

This Living Force adventure does not require Jedi characters, but has special meaning for Jedi heroes, both Padawans and Knights.