Player Awards 2004


To everybody involved, whether you got wood or not: thankyou. It was a pleasure and a privilege to game with you, and we hope to see you again next year.


The Triptychs

Triptych Perpetual Trophy

Best team: The Beautiful People ­ Bernard Philbrick, David James, Virginia James, Julian Callinan, Sandra d'Argeavel

Mayhem Over Manhattan, by Robbie Matthews

Best team: Itsy-bitsy Teeny-weeny Goddesses ­ Andrew Mahoney, Matthew Last, Samantha Hobson, Dianna Lang, Matthew Woods


Best Beaker ­ Richard Crookall
The Milk and Honey are a Prophecy
­ Matthew Chalmers
Best Vortex
­ Peter Wass
Duct Tape Award ­ Robert Barbetti
Take it as a Battle Cry ­ Marissa Harris
Coolest Helmet ­ Renee

Last Night in Eden, by Peter Roussell

Designer has not handed in the form

The Fishbowl, by Eric Henry

Best Players: Marissa Harris, Lauren, Jason Hunter, Sandra d’Argeavel, Richard Allen

Best New Designer

Stuart Barrow


Brave New Frontiers, by Barbara Kearins

Best Players: Chris Bowman, David Shelling, Liz Argall, Doug, Marissa Harris,


Unlucky Door Prizes ­ Chris Burgess, Jason Hill, Liam Armstrong, Sam Bird
Best Bully ­ Mike Dowling

Cold Homecoming, by Andrew Smith

Best team: Individuals ­ Richard Allen, Rachel Hopkins, Cameron Hill, Felix White


Most Humane ­ Chris Ritchie
Best Family Rapport ­ Aveline
Biggest Brother ­ Don Bloomfield
Sister Psycho ­ James Goldfish
Loving Brother ­ Chris Chapman

Dark Aether, by Ingrid Bean

Best Players

Best Angelina ­ Rob Barbetti
Best Beatrice ­ David James
Best Cameron ­ Mark Spain
Best Damien ­ Joe McNamara
Best Edwin ­ Nikki Roberts


For Foiling the Assassination Attempt: Lynx’s Progeny ­ Allan Price, Chris Bowman, David Shelling, Petra Shaw and Rebecca Plush

Down Among the Dead Men, by Graham Dolby

Best Team: Robert Barbetti, Mark Spain, Nikki Roberts, Eric Henry, Matthew Chalmers

The Lake District Needlework & Adventure Society, by Stuart Barrow

Best Team: Vurtically Challanged ­ Adam Raymond, Andrew McLennan, Fiona Mconachie, Renee, Ryan d’Argeavel


The "Ladies’ Home Journal" Adventuring Award for Grace Under Pressure ­ Sandra d’Argeavel
The "Madam Machiavelli" Award for Getting Things Done ­ Joe McNamara
Madame Curie’s Encouragement Award for Young Lady Scientists ­ Julian Callinan
Queen Victoria’s Gentle Nod of Acknowledgement ­ Tim Smith
The World Fair Prize for Excellence in Engineering ­ Ryan d’Argeavel

Psi II, by Mike Walker

Best Players: Mark Spain, Sandra d’Argeavel, Nikki Roberts, Dianna Lang, Samantha Hobson


Excellent Roleplaying (Anthony) ­ Matthew Woods
Excellent Roleplaying (Benjamin) ­ James Goldfinch
Excellent Roleplaying (Rick) ­ James Riley
Excellent Roleplaying (Geraldine) ­ Aveline
Excellent Roleplaying (Katrina) ­ Felix White

The Sentinels: A Most Unfortunate Murder, by Peter Trueman

Best Team: Lynx’s Progeny ­ Allan Price, Chris Bowman, David Shelling, Petra Shaw and Rebecca Plush

A Shadow in the Darkness, by Mike McClure

Best Team: A Team Called Scratch ­ Paul Sweeney, Ryan d'Argeaval, Ian Whitchurch, Matthew Chalmers, Nadina Geary

Survival of the Species, by Matthew Chalmers

Best Team: Michael Sweet, Richard Crookall, Matthew Last, Andrew Mahoney, Cameron Hill,

Waltzing Matilda, by Paul May

Best Team: Cassie Bennett, Sarah Hall-Kearins, Nick Matthews, James Versace, Sean Allsop


Mirrordark, by David James & Xole Karman

Players Choice: Paul Sweeney, Rachel Hopkins

GM’s Choice: Phil Goodwin, Mike Walker, Peter Wass

Costume Awards: Mark Bruckard & Pixie Borlase, Richard Allen, Tim Smith, Ryan d’Argeavel, Liz Argall, Mikey McClure

Deblessing a Princess, by Barbara Kearins

Players Choice: Tim Smith

Most Created Rules: Stephanie Matthews

Least Created Rules: Graham

Graduation Certificate: Eric Henry

Diamond’s Dream, by Marissa Harris

Player’s Choice: Eric Henr,y Barbara Kearins

GM’s Choice: Eve (as Baroness Kathryn)


For being Kitteny and Having Sex Lots ­ Sandra d’Argeavel
For being a Demon and Surviving ­ Jerine

Special Events

Professor Munchausen, by Liz Waldock

Most Plausible: Eric Henry


Best/Worst Puns ­ James Haughton
Most Interesting Invention ­ James Walker
Most Interesting Save ­ Stuart Barrow
Novice Player Award ­ Adam Raymond

Diplomacy, by Bernard Philbrick

Most Devious: Chris Ritchie