Other Fun

Ocasionally we have a brilliant idea we don't know how to identify. They end up here! This list is by no means exhaustive, as you can see it's rather short. Additional interesting things may appear here in due course, so keep your eyes peeled.

The Fabulous Phenomenon Costume Contest

The “Return of the Phenomenon Costume Contest” seems to be going splendidly, so we're going to do it again!

In case you can't recall why we're doing this, we'll quote ourselves from the year before whenever it was we thought this was a good idea:

“Every year at Phenomenon, we see a bunch of truly excellent costumes, that are sometimes never seen again. In an effort to catalogue these rare and fantastical outfits, we're announcing the Fabulous Phenomenon Costume Contest!”

Becoming a part of the contest is easy:

  1. At the Rego Desk we will have a small area to one side with a camera. Grab the nearest org or volunteer and get them to snap a photo of you in costume!
  2. As time permits Orgs will also be wandering the halls taking photos (with permission) of costumes for the contest.

The contest is split into three categories:

All judges decisions will be based on the esoteric and rather confusing criteria of what we think looks cool and/or in character.