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Crew & writers


The Phenomenon Committee 2021 (The Orgs)

Emma Sharman (President)
Matt Bailey (Vice President)
David James (Secretary, Venue Manager)
Daniel Ryan (Treasurer)
Elissa Feit
Jim Woodman (Writer Wrangler)
John Machin
Julie Chapman
Shane Donohoe
Stephen Justice
Wes Nicholson

Website by Andrew Smith, Elissa Feit and Shane Donohoe.


Game Writers

Ian Bartlett

Game: Selling Your Soul

Patrick Austen

Game: The Apartment

Stuart Barrow and Barbara Kearins

Game: One Short Game about Spaceships

Evan Paliatseas

Game: Alice is Missing

Jason Cebalo

Jason Cebalo has now been role-playing for over three quarters of his life and is still loving it. When not gaming he’s a philosophy student at University of New England.

Game: Fools Rush In

Mike Walker

Game: The Sorcerer of Avalon

Robbie Matthews

Game: Supernatural Studies Club

Mark Bruckard

Game: Reflection