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By the pricking of my thumb...

   Project Hydra: Virus research

Something Wicked...

   A distant outpost is attacked.

This way comes...

   A Holy Quest.

An interweaving plot passing across generations in a series of 3 interlinked adventures, playable in any order.

Adventures are for 5 players and may contain sexual references, adult themes, violence and drug use.

By Ben Hunter, Robert Barbetti and Mark Bruckard.




Seek blurb - click for text version


Muppet Movie - the after party

by Ian Whitchurch and Lauren Roche

The movie's in the can and now it's a wrap.
Join Kermi, Miss piggy and the gang for the infamous afterparty.

A freeform for 15 people
contact Lauren at or Ian at 6241 9793 to book characters etc

Previously run at Cancon 2002


The Unknown World

Today is tomorrow, and present and past,
Nothing exists and everything will last.
There is no beginning, there was no end,
No depth to fall, no height to ascend.
There is only this moment, this flicker of light,
That illuminates nothing, but oh! So bright!
For we are the spark that flutters in space,
Consuming an eternity of a moment’s grace.
For today is tomorrow, and present and past
Nothing exists, and everything will last.

You were sent to the exclusive Island private Hospital of Kalani to work out your problems. Now something strange is happening, and it's not just the other 'guests'. People are disappearing and there has been no contact with the outside world for days.

Join the assembled guests to discover what is going on.

A systemless Freeform for up to 20 people

By Ali Lawrie

Contact on:



The Tomb of Solomon

Adventurer's Club Logo

The Tomb of Solomon

Have the Twins located the long lost Tomb of Solomon?
Will they and their party beat the opposition to get there?
Will Randall ever allow Victoria to shoot Pierre?

A single session module for 4-6 players using the traditional Cthulhu system.
Contact: gm = Paul May 6254 4095 ah or


Living Quest!™

Have you ever considered quitting your day job to take up adventuring? Do you wish you had more XP? Have you ever wanted to be Famous?

In this increasingly civilised age, LivingQuest!™ are proud to announce the establishment of a LivingQuest!™ DungeonPark™ in your area. Please send a SASE to LivingQuest!™ for a copy of our chaos packed summer adventuring program. Our experienced guides GUARANTEE that all LivingQuest!™ adventurers will kill a monster equal to or above their level and receive experience points recognised by most affiliated adventurer's guilds.

All tours are conducted by fully qualified dungeon guides and all accomodation and meals are included in the tour price.

"LivingQuest got me the XP I needed to join a real Adventurer's guild, I now hunt orcs professionally..."

-- R.D. Fighter

"The tutorial dungeons were exactly what I needed for my magic"

-- L.E. Mage

"When it looked like Harry was going to be eaten, the guide stepped in and maimed the gnoll just enough for me to kill it!"

-- G. A. Assassin

A d02 adventure for 5 valued customers by Antti and Karl.


The Elopement

Adventurer's Club Logo

The Elopement

Lady Whitman's grandniece Julia has eloped!
With entirely the wrong sort of man!!
Can Lady Whitman and her friends catch up with Julia and convince her of the error of her ways before it goes too far?

A single session module for 5 elderly adventurers using the Falkenstein system.
Contact details: GM: James Walker; phone:6247 0951 ah; email:


Risk vs Reward

You get shot at for a living. Well, it's not much of a living - the hours suck, the pay is lousy, and you have to kill people just because their job is stopping you from doing yours.

And there's no retirement plan either.

A Million bucks would let you break out of the rut - lie on a beach, relax, and never hear another gunshot for as long as you live. Johnson-sama has the cash waiting for you in a briefcase - all you have to do is get the package he wants. It's really just a matter of


A Single Session Shadowrun(ish) Game for four players, written by Euan Lindsay
Rules Knowledge 2    Characterisation 4
Seriousness 2 or 4    Adult Content M

Previously run at Conquest 2000


The Price of Innocence

In Mort City, the tarnished crown of SLA Industries, everything is for sale. Loyalty. Love. Ambition.

A murdered SLA Industries executive. A stolen weapon. A missing child. Who sold them? Who bought them? And what was the price?

A 1-session job for 5 loyal and ambitious SLA Operatives (love is optionalS) by Andrew Smith.

Setting/system knowledge: low
Action/violence: high
Characterisation: medium
Horror: medium
Humour: low


Guerillas in the Midst

A Games Asylum presentation!
A single-session Traveller scenario by Mike(y)
Previously run at Conquest 2000

Gaage (A-212533-C/Core-0806)

Inhabitable Systems:Gaage III - a tiny, near airless planet
Government Style:Type 3 - Corporation owned (Gaage Trading and Affiliates)
GNP:100,000 MCr (Trading and shipping hub between the Spinward Sectors and Coreward Sectors)
Notes:There is a strong separation between the labourer class and the ruling corporate class. There are some social tensions due to this large division of wealth but nothing worthy of our concern

- Excerpt from the 1102 "IIS Survey of Core Sector"

Gaage - v.i. coll. gah-gay - to gather wealth with no regard for other people or morals.

- Entry from "Language as spoken in the Imperium Today"

Gaage - a planet in chaos tonight in the aftermath of an explosion which killed the planetary governor and some of his staff... ...preliminary reports from investigators on the scene suggest the explosion happened "under suspicious circumstances".
...Due to the severity of the situation, the Imperial Navy has dispatched special teams from its Naval Investigation Corps...
...there have been unconfirmed reports of rioting on the surface, which have been denied by the Office of the Governor on Gaage, although communications to the surface have been blocked so we cannot confirm...

- Taken from "CSN Nightly Bulletin", last night

Players: 5, with an optional 6th
Characterisaton: 4-5
Seriousness: 3-4
Adult Content: MA (Some violence and adult themes)
Rules Knowledge: 0 (although Traveller background knowledge will enrich the experience)
Video Rental Scale: "I don't usually like this genre, but it has a great cast..."


First Light

DQuell Productions Logo The Quellburn Chronicles
Ecclesiastes Chapter 3

"FIRST LIGHT" adapted by Andrew D. Carter.

Eons ago New Quellburn was destroyed. It was said ‘Death’ himself came on the very day now known as ‘Pesach’. Now Life is celebrated instead, for ‘Death’ has not returned. Celebrated, at least, during the day. The night was for quiet contemplation...and fear. This year the night was particularly dark due to planetary alignments. Old prophecies told that ‘Death’ would return, suffering defeat, on a night such as this. Not all believed the old prophecies, but everyone believed in death. Lord Bishop Carlmund II called for a quiet night of sombre contemplation, trusting in "the One". Not all shared his faith, or his optimism. More than just old prophecies and frightened citizens would confront us in the dark streets of New Quellburn. While the majority of the populace spent the night terror-ridden behind locked doors, a small minority wandered the city undaunted by the fear. A minority driven by a hate-filled and revengeful heart. The Year is 4985, The end of "THE ERA of CITY-STATES".

An extract from "The travels of Andonson the Wise, follower of the One" as held in the Great Library of Quellburn, under divine protection of Lord Bishop Carlmund II, Primate of Quelland.

Isiah 61 Logo

Another "ISAIAH 61" Game.
A One session LIVING d20 Adventure set on QUELLAND in GAEA for 5-6 puzzle solving players who don't mind a good fight. Good communication skills can be helpful although a sword or bow does get the message across nicely at times. NO RULES KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED.
Role-playing: Heaps. Multi Forming: It will be there. Puzzle/Plot solving: Plenty of opportunity.
Combat: How else can you kill the bad guys dummy! Poetry at ten paces? Interested? Ring Andonson, ...err I mean Andrew "Arch Loremaster" Carter, on (02) 96259613 before 9.00 p.m.


Your mission should you decide to accept it....

You wake to the incessant beeping of the alarm.

Beside your bed, you find a new datacard from your new employer....

'Good morning.

Alliance Intelligence has intercepted reports of a new Imperial Superweapon now under construction.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to obtain the technical schematics of this weapon and deliver them for collection.

Further data will be made available through standard channels.

This message will self destruct in 30 seconds.....'

Time to save the universe...... Again.

A single session d20 Star Wars module, for 5 members of the Alliance's Special Operations Division. Set immediately prior to Star Wars Episode IV. By Stuart McLaren


Star Wars: Black Ops

By Lachlan Murray and David Hollingworth

It is a time of fledgling peace in the galaxy. Six months after the destruction of the second Death Star the New Republic, growing stronger by the day, is making the first tentative moves toward galactic peace with an Empire no longer under the sway of the evil Emperor Palpatine.

But until the day comes that peace is signed into being, war goes on. For the soldiers on the front lines, such a time seems a long way off; in the frontier regions of the Outer Rim, peace is an almost alien concept.

The Alliance Military has uncovered a new and insidious threat to the New Republic. A fortunate analysis of shipping manifests has revealed a hitherto unknown and remote Imperial Biological Research Facility and the decoded communication intercepts indicate that the Prometheus project is nearing completion - a team is assembled, a mission organised. Gather intelligence, destroy the research, and bring the team back alive.

No one but fanatics and heroes want to die on the eve of Galactic Peace.

SW:BO is a single session game for five specialists in their field, men and women on the cutting edge of warfare in the fight against Evil.


The Heirs of Slytherin

Hogwart's Crest
The Heirs of Slytherin
By Mike Walker

"There is no good and evil, there is only power and those too weak to seek it..."
     from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Within the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, House Slytherin lays claim to the students of the greatest vision and personal ambition. Salazar Slytherin, the founder of the house, left a secret legacy for those most able to prove themselves worthy of his gifts...

A one session multiform for five first-year Slytherin students
Set during Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Knowledge of the books useful but not essential
A Pegasus Unlimited Production


Living Greyhawk

Living Greyhawk Perrenland

Due to the popularity of the Living Greyhawk world setting this year we are offering plenty of modules, and even an ‘Interactive’.

For those who don’t know, Living Greyhawk is a 3rd edition D&D campaign that is run on a world-wide basis. Generate yourself a starting character, and join in a number of adventures that will be available to players all over Australia. Characters played by Australians originate from the country Perrenland. Knowledge is not essential, but it is a nice aid. Information on Perrenland can be found at:

To play in the Living Greyhawk games, and/or the Interactive, characters must already be created using the Living Greyhawk rules. Character generation rules can be found at:

For help or more information contact Thomas Greenslade at

Adventures in Perrenland CY592

Play any of a number of the Living Greyhawk regional scenarios being released this year. Additional scenarios may be available for those who missed out earlier in the year.

Follow in the footsteps of an old hero in History Repeating
Investigate rumours of civil war in Pfaltzgraf's Fury
Search for a missing part of a legendary key in The Wyvern’s Claw
Do your best to find a missing mage in Mordenkainen’s House of Chocolate
Try your hand at a spot of cartography in Into the Hills*

*This module may take more than one session to run

These games are not available in sessions 5 and 6 (first two sessions of Sunday morning).

History Repeating

At the foot of Mt Sentvoor lies the idyllic village of Tielemannschlauss but behind the scenes something stirs, something that has lain unseen for centuries. When the past haunts the present and the dead plot against the living, who will win the fight for the future?

Pfaltzgraf's Fury

Tensions in Perrenland are boiling to the surface. The Southern Clans are mustering their troops as loyalty to Clan is tested against loyalty to Canton the Voormann and a united Perrenland. You have been dispatched by the Voormann to investigate rumors of brewing civil war in the eastern Canton of Clatspurgen, specifically in the Kershane pass. It seems your fates are becoming ever more entwined with the destiny of Perrenland as a unified nation. An adventure for 3rd to 8th level characters

The Wyvern’s Claw

After nearly a millennium, the Sturgenblood Totem has resurfaced. It is the legendary key to the location of the infamous Hollows Of Mordaine. But there are pieces missing, and they must be found before the Totem will reveal the fabled place where all the clans of Perrenland first met to wrest control of The Land from their destructive Ur-Flannae ancestors. The hunt is on ... and may the best clan win. Designed for Player Characters with Average Party Level 2-6.

Mordenkainen's House Of Chocolate

Oh calamity! Herr Mordenkainen has not been seen for days and his House of Chocolate lies quiet and seemingly empty. Can he be found in time to meet his obligations to your patrons? A humourous scenario for APL 2, 4 or 6.

Into The Hills

Just what is in them there hills? Gold? Monsters? Lost civilisations? Join an intrepid band of adventurers hired to explore and map the fringes of the Sepia Uplands. An adventure for player characters of levels 1 to 6.


Living Greyhawk Interactive: ‘Keeping One’s Head’

Written by a bunch of Perrenlanders.
Co-ordinated by Thomas Greenslade

This event is a one-off event that offers unique rewards. Play one of your living Greyhawk characters in a freeform-like scenario which will be interspersed by a number of tabletop mini adventures chosen by your actions.

It is nearing autumn in Perrenland, and preparations for what is looking to be a very interesting trading expedition are well under way. Tension is mounting, trouble is brewing, and certain important people would greatly appreciate the presence of a number of adventurers or patriotic Perrenlanders who are willing to head off any potential problems that might rear their heads.

A dollop of combat, a splash of mystery and a dash of romance. Bring your best thinking cap and your sharpest sword. Be there when it all comes to a head.

Note: this Living Greyhawk scenario may take up to 5 time units from your yearly allotment.

A two session long event held for the first two sessions of Sunday morning (5 and 6), including the lunch break. Food will be available.


Special Events

Baron Munchausen

  "Journey to the Centre of the Earth? Why, Verne stole the whole story from me. And he butchered the telling of it. He completely missed the importance of the goose and the laderhosen. If you want to know the real story, why this is how it happened. It all started when..."

More tales of daring, bravery, and cabbage - er, hang on, courage. No wait, it was cabbage. Bring your ears, bring your mouth, and maybe even your sense of timing, to the terrific tournament of the tall tale, Baron Munchausen.

Proudly brought to you by HRH Elizabeth Waldoc


Banquet and Costume Contest

This year the banquet will be on Saturday night, at Sullivans. The cost is $15 per person. Come and get to know the real names of all those people you've met at the convention.

We are having a pasta menu, and vegetarians will be catered to. Please indicate on your entry form if you require any special menu considerations.

We will be running a costume contest this year - but remember you have to eat as well! [Damn, there goes the Minotaur costume - ed.]


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